Third Ward

Ashley Kumlien

MS Run the US and Journey Boot Camps

I grew up in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in a big family of two sisters and one brother. My mom, Jill was diagnosed with MS before I was born so we've had to live with the affects of her symptoms since we were very young. I went to school in Western Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, graduating in 2007 with a BS in Exercise and Sport Science. From there I took a job with a cruise ship company to work on their Sports Deck at the Rockwall & Surfing machines. It was on the cruise ships where I met my fiancee, Andrew Date, and came up with the idea to run across America to raise funds and awareness for MS. Andrew & I resigned from the cruise company in early 2009 and started the MS Run the US, Inc. organization. After months of planning, on March 22nd,... Read the profile >>

BJ Gaddour

BJ Gaddour, CSCS, transformed himself from a former fat kid with bum knees to being listed as one of “THE 100 FITTEST MEN OF ALL-TIME” (#76) according to Men’s Health Magazine. BJ credits his success to consistency, having never missed a scheduled training session since completing his first workout at the age of 14. He claims “my performance enhancing drug is a great workout” and is on a mission to help people all over the world laugh and lean out and sweat and smile. BJ is a metabolic training expert who specializes in the fusion of strength, cardio, and mobility work all into one high-energy total body fitness experience. He is the CEO of providing unlimited streaming follow-along workouts available on any device with internet access. StreamFIT currently... Read the profile >>

Bron Gacki

Bikram Yoga Milwaukee

Bron Gacki first got introduced to Yoga through trickery: what was supposed to be a relaxing class on a Saturday afternoon with his father and brother, actually turned out to be an all day seminar for Bikram Yoga in a 105 degree room. Bron has since extremely enjoyed the mental relaxation one can get through Yoga, whether it be a slower, gentler form, or a more intense style. Bringing humor into most everything he does helps keep those around him comfortable as they practice their yoga at his Studio. He believes everyone who wants to learn to get along with everybody in their lives better should read "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Bron owns and teaches at Bikram Yoga Milwaukee and the newest studio in Brookfield, WI which opened in 2012. Read the profile >>

Corina Wojnowski

YogaOne Studio

As an avid distance runner, Corina initially sought out yoga as a way to cross-train and remain healthy. Instantly she fell in love with the practice of Vinyasa Flow and the results it provided. To date, Corina has completed 9 full marathons and over 25 half-marathons. Her latest passions are trail running and skate skiing. She believes her practice of yoga has kept her injury free and running better than ever. Her goal is to help runners realize the benefits of a yoga practice for building strength, increasing flexibility and improving balance. Corina believes the symbiotic relationship goes beyond the physical and into the mental. Having a consistent yoga practice helps to increase mental clarity and focus, much needed for distance running. Corina has been practicing and... Read the profile >>

Laura Cotton

YamaYoga and Core Essence

Laura has always had an interest in all types of physical activity. From swimming to softball, to completing her first triathlon (in celebration of a milestone birthday), she has always stayed active. While the joy of crossing the finish line is grand, nothing compares to the joy she gets out of her own yoga practice. Yoga is not only a form of physical practice, but one of spiritual, meditative, self reflection, compassion towards others and enlightenment. Finding her center and being inspired by the peace that a consistent practice gives her, she has used that wisdom to be the best mother for her children. As her children Jessica & Joe, continue their journey into adulthood, she has shared with them the gifts of compassion and self empowerment, that yoga has taught her. She is... Read the profile >>

Luke Laga

Laga Wellness and Structural Elements

As an acupuncturist and running coach I combine my knowledge of Chinese Medicine with my experience as a Personal Trainer to target specific tissue irregularities and muscular imbalances. I developed this approach under the guidance of Structural Elements founder, Doug Bertram. As the national Coach Certifier for Newton Natural Running, local natural running coach and senior student of Structural Elements, I combine acupuncture and coaching to focus on global mechanics and balancing of the body to optimize performance and reduce the risk of injury. I offer high speed video analysis, personal postural assessment, and Chinese Diagnosis to build a complete treatment strategy and program customized to an individual and his/her specific goals or events. I'm an ultra marathon racer and... Read the profile >>

Melanie Landgraf

Tosa Yoga Center

Melanie started practicing yoga in 1999 mostly out of curiosity and a fond memory of her grandmother talking about doing yoga. She simply loved it, and soon realized she wanted to share it with others. Melanie received her 200 hour teacher training certification with Integrative Yoga Therapy in Garopaba, Brazil in 2004, and she completed her 500 hour teacher training certification at YogaOne Studio in Cedarburg, WI, in 2013. Melanie opened Tosa Yoga in Wauwatosa, WI, in 2006, after realizing her strong desire to share her passion for teaching yoga with individuals in the community where she lives. During the 7 years in her 700 square foot studio, Melanie was able to consistently grow her classes, create relationships with local businesses and charitable organizations, and hold... Read the profile >>

Trey Fry

East Side Pilates

Trey's love of movement is contagious. He began Pilates & Yoga as a teenager to initially supplement his pursuits in classical Ballet & Modern dance, and has never looked back since. After using Pilates to help rehabilitate from a scoliosis-related dance injury, Trey began to understand the inherant healing and therapuetic aspects of the Pilates method…something that is now evident in his daily teaching. A third-generation teacher, Trey was certified in 2004 by Colleen Glenn and also holds a teaching certificate from Michael Miller. Currently, he is finishing an advanced teacher training through The Pilates Center. Additional studies with Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, and Pilates Elder Mary Bowen helped to refine and deepen his teaching. As a teacher, he is always searching for... Read the profile >>