Milwaukee : Third Ward

Laura Cotton

Laura has always had an interest in all types of physical activity. From swimming to softball, to completing her first triathlon (in celebration of a milestone birthday), she has always stayed active. While the joy of crossing the finish line is grand, nothing compares to the joy she gets out of her own yoga practice.

Yoga is not only a form of physical practice, but one of spiritual, meditative, self reflection, compassion towards others and enlightenment. Finding her center and being inspired by the peace that a consistent practice gives her, she has used that wisdom to be the best mother for her children. As her children Jessica & Joe, continue their journey into adulthood, she has shared with them the gifts of compassion and self empowerment, that yoga has taught her. She is deeply inspired as they follow her lead.

Laura's personal strength is reflected not only on the yoga mat, but in all areas of her life. The source of her strength and grounding, comes from her soul mate Michael. His unwavering love and support has allowed her to find her true self and realize her fullest potential. She is now fearlessly living her authentic life. After receiving her teaching certificate thru Yoga Alliance, she feels called to be an inspirational leader, and an agent for change thru yoga. Join Laura on the mat and discover what a regular yoga practice can bring to your life. Laura would be honored to be a guide on your journey to finding peace and discovering your own center. Listen to your own inner wisdom and live the life you were meant to live.