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Brandyn Negri

Sigh Yoga + Boutique

As a certified yoga teacher, Brandyn “speaks her truth” as she teaches. Using the lessons, passions, and joys in her life as a foundation to teach from, she is best known to wear her heart on her sleeve. She loves mixing up the vinyasa flow she teaches and creates fun music so her students can move with their flow. She believes music touches your soul and is a big part of the yoga experience. She loves creating a unique atmosphere for her students by using essential oils during practice and using candles or little lighting. “Yoga is sacred and therefore the environment that you practice it in should reflect that as well”. She is a “hands on teacher” and loves helping her students find a posture or move deeper into a posture. “Your body shifts as you continue to practice. To... Read the profile >>

Ellie Feldman

Life Time Athletic, Minneapolis

Ellie's first taste of yoga was in 1994 in her living room with a vhs tape of Kathy Smith. From there her yoga "experiments" turned to keen interest which developed into fascination and ultimately cultivated a deep passion. The connection between the breath and body/mind/spirit has altogether transformed her life and opened her eyes to the beauty that is in everyone and everything including herself. Bringing yoga to the community through teaching in studios, corporate offices, health clubs, and volunteering is an honor and a privilege each and every time. Ellie's love for vinyasa and power flow brought her to the Twin Cities yoga community where she is currently teaching at several studios/clubs. Ellie first became yoga certified in 2004. She completed her Power Vinyasa Yoga Alliance... Read the profile >>

Nan Arundel


Nan's journey to yoga came about in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, inticed by the warmth of the yoga room, she began her practice. Though initially feeling quite inflexible and not sure what foot/arm/hip/head went where, she was charmed enough by the mini-nap at the end of every practice to stick with it. And then sure enough, breath by breath, pose by pose, sutra by sutra, the technology of yoga worked its magic on her. What had begun as a small crush turned into a full-blown love affair as Nan opened herself to learning about and sharing her enthusiasm for yoga. Now, having sampled many different flavors of yoga--loving the spices of Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and always craving more-- and having studied and practiced alongside many incredible and inspiring yogis, Nan loves... Read the profile >>

Nancy Anderson

Centerspace Pilates Studio

Centerspace Pilates Studio owner Nancy Anderson has been a presence in the Twin Cities fitness industry since the early 1980's. As a young woman, Nancy studied dance with a variety of Minneapolis and New York choreographers, including Dorothy Lundstrum who was a friend and protégé of Joe Pilates. In the late seventies, she turned her passion for dance to a career in fitness instruction. She traveled to Los Angeles during the peak of Jane Fonda’s fitness craze to absorb the excitement and culture of the aerobic dance movement. She returned to Minneapolis to introduce aerobic dance in one of the first aerobic studios in Minneapolis called the Sweatshop Studio on Loring Park. In 1988, Nancy was recruited as a master trainer to introduce step aerobics to major clubs throughout the United... Read the profile >>

Ron Byland


Ron Byland has pretty much been running his entire life- his Mom even claims he was born with a pair of running spikes on. Since those early days he's been fortunate enough to run and compete at about every level and distances, having attempted to qualify for the 1988 Olympic Trials in the 5000 (14:11 PR). He's been coaching since the mid 80’s and has had the pleasure to coach every level and ability of runner. From helping 5 runners make it into the Olympic Marathon Trials to the largest fund raising charity marathon program in the world to every ability in-between. His coaching philosophy stems from my past competitive life, his USA Track and Field Coaching Certification and applying them to real life situations and hopefully holding true to his motto: "Are we having fun yet?"... Read the profile >>

Vincent Amendola

CorePower Yoga Minnetonka

Vinny began to practice Bikram Yoga in 2005. After exploring different types of yoga, he fell in love with Vinyasa flow. He completed the CorePower Yoga Teacher Training Program in the summer of 2009, the CorePower Yoga Extensions Program in the fall of 2009 and the CorePower Yoga Advanced Teacher Training Program in the winter of 2009. Vinny believes that the transformative properties of yoga make it an exceptional and powerful tool for self-development both physically and spiritually. He is continuously amazed by the positive and supportive energy of fellow yogis and is grateful to be able to inspire his students. As an avid animal lover, Vinny appreciates the interconnectivity of all beings and wishes for a world where happiness and freedom are a reality for all."I am passionate about... Read the profile >>