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Brandyn Negri

Sigh Yoga + Boutique

As a certified yoga teacher, Brandyn “speaks her truth” as she teaches. Using the lessons, passions, and joys in her life as a foundation to teach from, she is best known to wear her heart on her sleeve. She loves mixing up the vinyasa flow she teaches and creates fun music so her students can move with their flow. She believes music touches your soul and is a big part of the yoga experience. She loves creating a unique atmosphere for her students by using essential oils during practice and using candles or little lighting. “Yoga is sacred and therefore the environment that you practice it in should reflect that as well”. She is a “hands on teacher” and loves helping her students find a posture or move deeper into a posture. “Your body shifts as you continue to practice. To help a student move deeper into a posture is very satisfying for me. It’s giving them an ‘aha’ moment”. Being a believer in “walking the talk,” she loves being involved in the community, and being a good leader to others.