Minneapolis : Shops at West End

Nan Arundel


Nan's journey to yoga came about in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter, inticed by the warmth of the yoga room, she began her practice. Though initially feeling quite inflexible and not sure what foot/arm/hip/head went where, she was charmed enough by the mini-nap at the end of every practice to stick with it. And then sure enough, breath by breath, pose by pose, sutra by sutra, the technology of yoga worked its magic on her. What had begun as a small crush turned into a full-blown love affair as Nan opened herself to learning about and sharing her enthusiasm for yoga.

Now, having sampled many different flavors of yoga--loving the spices of Anusara, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and always craving more-- and having studied and practiced alongside many incredible and inspiring yogis, Nan loves teaching yoga. taraNa feels like coming home. Inspired by the sweaty aha moments yoga offers, Nan's vinyasa classes aim to be a groovy blend of bliss with a smile. Nan is also the co-founder of Gorilla Yogis, a movement of yogis who Do Yoga and Do Good while taking yoga out of captivity of the studio and into the urban jungle.When Nan isn’t sporting yoga clothes, you can find her elbow deep in dirt designing someone’s garden with her husband Steele and their business Landscape Love, walking one of the lakes, or at the airport off to satiate her endless hunger for travel and experiencing the world.