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Nancy Anderson

Centerspace Pilates Studio

Centerspace Pilates Studio owner Nancy Anderson has been a presence in the Twin Cities fitness industry since the early 1980's. As a young woman, Nancy studied dance with a variety of Minneapolis and New York choreographers, including Dorothy Lundstrum who was a friend and protégé of Joe Pilates. In the late seventies, she turned her passion for dance to a career in fitness instruction. She traveled to Los Angeles during the peak of Jane Fonda’s fitness craze to absorb the excitement and culture of the aerobic dance movement. She returned to Minneapolis to introduce aerobic dance in one of the first aerobic studios in Minneapolis called the Sweatshop Studio on Loring Park. In 1988, Nancy was recruited as a master trainer to introduce step aerobics to major clubs throughout the United States. In the ‘90s, Nancy became a personal trainer and produced a variety of exercise videos including “Stepping Through Pregnancy” and “Aerobic Kickboxing.” She is an expert on the effects of exercise on women before, during and after pregnancy and on the anti-aging effects of exercise after menopause. Formally trained and certified at The Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado, Nancy has completed master’s training—allowing her to offer teacher training at her studio in Linden Hills called Centerspace Pilates Studio.