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Holly Mcilroy

Crossfit Select

I have been CrossFitting for just over 4 years. I started as a newbie, using two thick green bands to do my pullups, deadlifting with 10lbs on either side and being terrified of burpess (but lets admit it, I am still terrified of burpees). I have come along way and I have been so lucky to have worked with some of the best coaches and athletes in Ontario. It wasn't until 2012 that I realized I had a strong passion for working with others. I realized that I wanted to make my own impact on our community and help others grow and accomplish their goals. I completed my Level 1 Power Yoga Certification with Baron Baptiste in the summer of 2011 in New York and continued to pursue my passion of teaching and helping others by taking my CrossFit Level 1 Certification in September of 2012. I... Read the profile >>

Isabel Reale

Power Yoga Canada Mississauga

How did you get involved in your practice? During my pregnancy I sought something that would help my body and mind with the journey through the miracel of life. Who or what inspires you? The group of surfers in Portugal practicing yoga before they surfed, tieing together the peace and clarity of the waves and the breath during practice, PYC founders Kinndli and Pauline, and my husband and children. Favourite lululemon product? Heat it up Bra One thing that scares you? Not being able to do my favourite things Whats your BHAG? Setting up a surf/yoga bootcamp in Portugal One thing nobody knows about you? I secretly play air guitar to my favourite bands Read the profile >>

John Fortin

Power Yoga Canada Etobicoke

How did you get involved in your practice? A way to keep flexibility and maintain both physical and mental balance in training as well as a cross training method for running and triathalons Who or what inspires you? My family, friends, and community for their amazing support Favourite lululemon product? Mission pant and everything Metal Vent Snakes Whats your BHAG? Create an awareness/fund raising campaign to enable the build of a yoga/sport facility for the Africa Yoga Project One thing nobody knows about you? I truly believe that I am living my dream Read the profile >>

Sabrina Marcantonio

Moksha Yoga Square One

How did you get involved in your practice? Grade 11 World Religion Class Who or what inspires you? The Moksha Yoga community Favourite lululemon product? The Wunder Under crop. So versatile and comfortable, great for practice and on the street with a cute tank or tee and a denim jacket One thing that scares you? Headstands and mean people Whats your BHAG? To change the world! One thing nobody knows about you? I was born with one tooth Read the profile >>