Montclair : Bloomfield Ave

Alex Schulien

I am the head coach at Brazen Athletics in Fairfield, NJ where I coach group Crossfit classes and teach Yoga. My certifications include being a Crossfit Level 1 coach, RYT-200, Crossfit Strongman, and Crossfit Gymnastics.

When I was younger, I learned to play the drums and since then have been fascinated with movement and the human potential. I believe strength and focus can be found inside each and every one of us. I also believe these same two things that exist within us are constantly fighting to find a way out. Through my yoga practice and experience as a yoga instructor, I learned how to harness the power of my breath and practice controlling the fluctuations of my mind. Crossfit helped me apply this control of my breath and mind to find more stability and power in my physical being. The combination of yoga and Crossfit helped me develop both physical and mental strength and stability.
There is only one thing I find more rewarding than walking the path I have chosen and that is to help others realize their potential and create their own unique path. All too often we lose sight of our present life when we try to focus on where we have been or where we want to be when really it's not about the destination, it's about the journey.