Montclair : Bloomfield Ave

Joe Gandarillas

I came to yoga at a challenging time in my life after learning I had a potentially crippling form of spinal arthritis. Through humility, patience, and supported by faith and the use of natural remedies I worked hard to transform my body, mind and spirit. My holistic doctor said that my experience could help others, encouraged me to begin taking yoga and meditating and reminded me I was never alone. I began taking yoga and in 2004 met Vishali Varga, owner of Yoga Montclair. Yoga was difficult and challenging and I sometimes avoided class, embarrassed by my limitations at that time. My teachers helped me to hear the possibility of a call other than fear.

I decided I wanted to teach and in 2006 completed my 200 hour Anusara Teacher Training and have been teaching since graduation day. I have since completed hundreds of hours of study with many great yoga teachers, completed a one year-long study of Neelakantha meditation and am currently studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Health Coach. I love teaching and do it straight from the heart. With humor and openness, I share my own life experiences, vulnerabilities and foibles working hard to put every student at ease and encouraging the true union of yoga both on and off the mat. My passion is to provide every student a fun, safe environment in which to explore themselves and connect with their bodies. But ultimately, the gift I offer to my students: to uplift the human spirit one breath, one pose, one smile, one laugh at a time.

Yoga. meditation, fitness and nutrition have changed my life. My friends and loved ones are also part of life’s prescription. I continue to grow as a person, a yogi, a teacher. I have spent the last 25 years with one of the most amazing people in the world, been part of the Montclair community for 23 years and share life with 2 incredible dogs as well. Life is good….no, it’s great.