Glockenbach Showroom

Art Claas van der Heide

Born in Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongholds for Basketball and Rugby, I have always been obsessed with sports. I started, in a typical German manner, with soccer, switched to tennis, dancing and basketball - but my heart always burned for fitness sport in general. So I started my fitness career as a trainer in a small regional gym in my home town when I was 18. After I left school I travelled across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to “get to know the world”. But of course I could not stop doing sports and working out while I was travelling. So I tried everything I could get into: Surfing, Running, Bodyweight Movements and any gym possible. Although being a gym rat at its best so far it was love at the first sight when I first tried a CrossFit workout at Bondi Beach in... Read the profile >>

Cherryl Ann Duncan

Born in 1978 in South Africa, as a young girl I was always interested in what lay just slightly beyond what I could see with my physical eyes. I spent hours creating secret worlds in the garden and traveling through imaginary portals into magical lands where the trees spoke and said many wise and beautiful things. I learned, however, like all spiritual aspirants living in the modern world, that in order to survive I must learn to travel successfully between both realms. But until I learned to do that, I had to fully experience the 'real world' and all of its different shades of suffering and joy. After school I studied Film, and Advertising and landed up working for an advertising agency for 5 years. By the 5th year of deadlines, schedules, spreadsheets and work parties , i found... Read the profile >>

Christine May

Christine May is an experienced and certified teacher (e-ryt 500) and trainer in Prana Flow® Yoga, a revolutionary, powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her teaching is influenced by her attentive, loving devotion to her students and the many paths of yoga and spirituality. Her unique teaching style is based on Hatha Yoga, Tantric Philosophy and Ayurveda and many years of study since 2001 with her beloved mentor and teacher Shiva Rea ( Christine has been teaching for 15 years and is head teacher at AIRYOGA in Munich. Since 2007 she directs the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at AIRYOGA in Munich as well as having led many 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings at AIRYOGA Zuerich and on the greek island of Corfu. She also teaches a... Read the profile >>

Nadja Palmers

"Nadjas' love for nature, people ,dance, meditation and fitness brought her to a Vinyasa yoga class in college. She found in yoga the perfect combination of all things she loved. She first trained in 1999 at Yoga Works in LA with Maty Ezraty and Lisa Walford. Nadja is very passionate about the Jivamukti yoga method and got her certification in 2005 at Omega Institute in New York and became advanced certified in 2008 in Munich. She aims to show her students to enjoy the freedom of movement and liveliness in the body to create space in the mind for more creativity and allow for a deeper understanding of interconnectiveness itself. The prayer " lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu," which is used in every Jivamukti class, suddenly makes sense on all levels. Nadja also holds a BA in Fine... Read the profile >>

Tanja Krodel


Tanja Krodel has more than 25 years of teaching experience. She is based in Munich with her two daughters, where she is looking after her private clients and teaching classes. She loves teaching and joining different classes, Yoga inspires, Spinning rocks the body, Barre-Fusion shakes the hips and thighs. During her numerous travels she is always getting inspired with other teaching methods and techniques. That is why she loves visiting other classes and teachers. Teaching also means to be creative in terms of modifying an excercise and the didactics. To see the changes in her clients motivation, moods and bodies is the best thing to experience. In January 2014 she will open with her friend and Co-Owner "Studio12" in Munich. It will be the first Studio in Germany offering Barre-Fusion Read the profile >>