Munich : Glockenbach Showroom

Art Claas van der Heide

Born in Heidelberg, one of Germany’s strongholds for Basketball and Rugby, I have always been obsessed with sports. I started, in a typical German manner, with soccer, switched to tennis, dancing and basketball - but my heart always burned for fitness sport in general. So I started my fitness career as a trainer in a small regional gym in my home town when I was 18. After I left school I travelled across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to “get to know the world”. But of course I could not stop doing sports and working out while I was travelling. So I tried everything I could get into: Surfing, Running, Bodyweight Movements and any gym possible. Although being a gym rat at its best so far it was love at the first sight when I first tried a CrossFit workout at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I was hooked immediately and never looked back since.
CrossFit provides you with a hard working attitude, a never-give-up spirit and a whole bunch of new and awesome people to meet. As an army officer it is a heartfelt wish of mine to teach people how to get fit and be better prepared for the unknown and the unknowable as in this job your life might really depend on your degree of fitness. So I started blogging about this topic and founded CrossFit Kokoro, Germany’s first military CrossFit Affiliate, which is located at the University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Munich.
Another great tool I fell in love with is the Medicine Ball. This tool is incredibly capable of training your power, agility, balance, coordination and stability while providing you and your training partner with one of the most fun workout sessions you ever had. My love for this tool and athletic training in general supported my decision to found HEARTCORE Athletics in June 2013 and develop a whole new training regime for medicine balls as well as a new MedBall product: the FROMBall.
Sport and Training is one of the biggest parts in my life and my deep passion. But it will also make you pretty stiff. On my travels to Canada in 2013 I found Lululemon and thought I should give Yoga a try as a lot of CrossFitters in Canada would attend yoga classes to stay flexible. So I found the Munich Lululemon showroom as soon as I got back and never left again. Yoga really supports my training as it increases my flexibility and therefore upgrades the technique of any exercise. I believe in hard work, hard, intensive but fairly short workouts and a constant variety of different challenges for body, mind and soul. CrossFit and athletic training is a great tool for the first two parts while Yoga supports the latter two. I cannot imagine to go without it anymore.