Munich : Glockenbach Showroom

Cherryl Ann Duncan

Born in 1978 in South Africa, as a young girl I was always interested in what lay just slightly beyond what I could see with my physical eyes. I spent hours creating secret worlds in the garden and traveling through imaginary portals into magical lands where the trees spoke and said many wise and beautiful things. I learned, however, like all spiritual aspirants living in the modern world, that in order to survive I must learn to travel successfully between both realms. But until I learned to do that, I had to fully experience the 'real world' and all of its different shades of suffering and joy. After school I studied Film, and Advertising and landed up working for an advertising agency for 5 years. By the 5th year of deadlines, schedules, spreadsheets and work parties , i found myself in a Yoga class and it is there that the other realm , the other part of myself whispered a question that set me on a different course forever. The question was 'What are you doing here?' 6 months later, I had resigned, cashed in my pension fund, ended a relationship and entered an ashram in India where I would begin my journey back to myself. I wanted to find the answer to that question.

I started teaching Yoga in 2005 and opened the first Living Yoga school in Johannesburg, (South African’s only affiliate Jivamukti Yoga studio). I am an 800 hour, Advanced Board Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher living in Munich, Germany where I teach a regular schedule at the Jivamukti school in Schwabing.

My first Yoga teacher was Guru Rushi Dharma Jyoti (Yogacharya Vishwas Mandlik) at Yoga Vidya Dham in Nasik, India but I have met so many wonderful and inspiring teachers along my path. They include Sharon and David of Jivamukti Yoga New York Andrea Boyd who I did my Jivamukti apprenticeship with, Geshe Michael Roach and Amy Cronise-mead from the Buddhist tradition, among many others.