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Christine May

Christine May is an experienced and certified teacher (e-ryt 500) and trainer in
Prana Flow® Yoga, a revolutionary, powerful and transformative branch of Vinyasa
Flow Yoga. Her teaching is influenced by her attentive, loving devotion to her
students and the many paths of yoga and spirituality. Her unique teaching style is
based on Hatha Yoga, Tantric Philosophy and Ayurveda and many years of study
since 2001 with her beloved mentor and teacher Shiva Rea (
Christine has been teaching for 15 years and is head teacher at AIRYOGA in Munich.
Since 2007 she directs the 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at AIRYOGA
in Munich as well as having led many 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings at
AIRYOGA Zuerich and on the greek island of Corfu. She also teaches a significant
part of the +300 Hours Advanced Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at AIRYOGA
Munich (ATT +300).
Christine has trained more than 600 Yoga teachers in the Art of Vinyasa Flow Yoga
and teaches Prana Flow® Teacher Training Modules in Germany, Austria and
She is the only german-speaking yoga teacher with the permission of Shiva Rea to
teach modules of the Prana Flow® training which count towards the 200, 300 and
500 hour Prana Flow Yoga teacher-training, certified by Yoga Alliance. This
makes her one of the leading Prana Flow teachers in Europe .
Christine is also a certified Associate Instructor in the Healing Tao Yoga System
with Mantak Chia and is currently in the „Working with People Training: A
psychology of Awakening“ with Turiya Hanover and Rafia Morgan with focus on
holistic counseling and assisted self-inquiry.
She has a strong dedication for self-knowing, touching the depth of our Being and
cultivating heart-centered connection with ourselves and others. Christine is very
passionate about supporting her students on the path of self-transformation and
the art of living and embodying yoga, authenticity and truth.
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