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Laurie Vincent

Laurie has been teaching dance since high school, and has had the opportunity to teach and perform for many events. As soon as she graduated high school she coached cheer at Brighton High School. Laurie’s passion is dance and and loves teaching her passion to others. Laurie is going on her 11th year teaching and coaching at Bliss Academy of Dance and she is on her 4th year of being a licensed Zumba Instructor. Laurie has fallen in love with Zumba, and she cherishes not only teaching, but all of the life long friendships she has made with it. Zumba has opened many doors, and it has made her to keep reaching for her goals and dreams. The most important thing in life to Laurie is her family. Zumba has made it possible that she can still do what she loves, stay fit, and healthy, but most important it has given her the flexibility to be at home more and raise her kids. Laurie loves Lululemon, and lives by their core values, and looks forward in what is to come. She will take any opportunity to continue to learn more and grow, and is so thankful to have Lululemon as such an amazing support team. Laurie loves to help our community, by sharing her passion and love with others. She is extremely excited to be a part of our Lululemon Ambassador team. You can check out her class schedule online at Or her Facebook page at Laurie Vincent Zumba.