Jefferson Ave

Fabian Aquino

Orange Theory Fitness

25 years old. Still an opportunity to be immature. Or any opportunity to reach for GREATNESS. Its crazy to be the youngest of the ambassadors, but I'm used to it :) Growing up I was the youngest, the shortest, slightly the puggiest? Haha. But I always wanted to be more! And I why not? I was a wrestler, footballer and baseball player growing up. I never looked at these sports as an opportunity to play at the next level. I just liked to hit some guys and it was legal. Fun right? When I was 16 years old, I noticed my attention wasn't so much about the field or baseball diamond, I wanted to know when we were going to the weight room next! And that's where it all began... I was addicted. my life became school, weight room, school , weight room. Each week envisioning a new goal. And... Read the profile >>

Jill Griffiths

Core Power Yoga

Jill moved from Colorado to Naperville in 2005. Trying to weather the Chicago winters Jill found herself drawn to hot yoga. After stumbling into a Bikram class she soon became hooked. Jill was so convinced of yoga’s ability to heal the body and mind that she began her yoga mission and became certified in Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion in December of 2009. In addition to being certified with Corepower, Jill completed her level one training in Vinyasa with Baron Baptiste. Jill lives with her husband and two daughters in Naperville, where she practices yoga regularly, in addition to running and cycling. Jill completed her first marathon in Paris, France in April 2013. Jill doesn’t consider her work a job, it is more of a life work fusion. “I feel so lucky to wake up every day and... Read the profile >>

Ken Jones

Yoga By Degrees

Ken Jones took his first hot yoga class in the winter of 1997 in New York City. But it wasn't until a friend invited him to try Yoga by Degrees in 2011 that something stuck, and he felt like he had come home. Needing to lose a tremendous amount of weight, Ken grew tired of his gym workouts and came to yoga to strive for a healthier, happier body and mind. Finding a newer leaner body through his practice, Yoga has transformed his life for good. He enjoys the results of Yoga Sculpt in order to strengthen his asana practice. He is certified in both Power Vinyasa and Yoga Sculpt and also teaches Restorative throughout the Chicago Land area. Off the mat Ken is a Pianist and Music Director for Theaters and is an Adjunct Faculty member at Roosevelt University. He hopes to bring awareness and... Read the profile >>

Toula Smith

Breathe, The Art of Yoga

From Chaos to Calm: For twenty years as a runner looking for an emotional outlet and the calm to overcome my anxiety. I was continually disappointed. While running was an excellent exercise, time and again, it left me with an adrenaline high. Rather than a feeling of calmness, I would have the driving feeling of more was needed. This vicious cycle of more is better and yet never feeling satisfied was getting the best of me. In searching for the calm that I desperately needed, I found Yoga...and it was life-changing. This new experience and calming sensation that I found is like a morning breath of fresh air. Breathe, The Art of Yoga was born out of my genuine desire to help others get out of the vicious cycle and the chaotic lifestyle and enjoy life's experience in a whole new way. I... Read the profile >>