Naperville : Jefferson Ave

Fabian Aquino

25 years old. Still an opportunity to be immature. Or any opportunity to reach for GREATNESS.

Its crazy to be the youngest of the ambassadors, but I'm used to it :)
Growing up I was the youngest, the shortest, slightly the puggiest? Haha. But I always wanted to be more! And I why not?
I was a wrestler, footballer and baseball player growing up. I never looked at these sports as an opportunity to play at the next level. I just liked to hit some guys and it was legal. Fun right?
When I was 16 years old, I noticed my attention wasn't so much about the field or baseball diamond, I wanted to know when we were going to the weight room next!
And that's where it all began...
I was addicted.
my life became school, weight room, school , weight room. Each week envisioning a new goal. And of course I failed. Again and again. As I learned recently, if you're able to accomplish 50% of your goals, you're not setting the bar high for yourself. But the journey is gratifying.
As I graduated high school, I knew my love of fitness was in sight. I attended the national personal training institute in Lisle, Illinois. From there I have served as a professional trainer for numerous clients and groups...
But how did I get here today?
Honestly, my love for people. I've been blessed to work with individuals who believe in my heart and passion for fitness but for them as well.
one year ago, I started a phenomenal relationship with Orange Theory and haven't looked back. The growth and opportunity I've received from them is family strong.
And for the family at lululemon, I've learned from you that no dream is too far to accomplish, as long as you're willing to put in the hardwork. And I thank you for that.

Reach for greatness, you just might surprise yourself.