Naperville : Jefferson Ave

Jill Griffiths

Core Power Yoga

Jill moved from Colorado to Naperville in 2005. Trying to weather the Chicago winters Jill found herself drawn to hot yoga. After stumbling into a Bikram class she soon became hooked. Jill was so convinced of yoga’s ability to heal the body and mind that she began her yoga mission and became certified in Hot Yoga and Hot Power Fusion in December of 2009. In addition to being certified with Corepower, Jill completed her level one training in Vinyasa with Baron Baptiste.

Jill lives with her husband and two daughters in Naperville, where she practices yoga regularly, in addition to running and cycling. Jill completed her first marathon in Paris, France in April 2013. Jill doesn’t consider her work a job, it is more of a life work fusion. “I feel so lucky to wake up every day and get to choose what work out I want to do. My work is play!”

Jill is equally drawn to the yoga that happens off the mat. “Even though every day has its challenges, yoga releases me from trying to control the outcome of these challenges”. Jill believes the beauty of yoga is that there is no senseless pushing forward. It is an intuitive, easy going process of knowing yourself and your body and connecting the dots one by one until you feel the interconnectedness of everything.

Jill was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2010 and has a strong interest in body awareness and diet. “Yoga has trained me to listen to my body. The more aware of our bodies we become, the better equipped we are to honor our bodies, inside and out.”

Outside of Corepower Jill is active in the community where she works with at risk teens and their families. “Yoga is a gentle approach in a world that pushes you forward at a pace that may not be your own. Yoga, essentially, meets you where you are.”