Naperville : Jefferson Ave

Toula Smith

From Chaos to Calm: For twenty years as a runner looking for an emotional outlet and the calm to overcome my anxiety. I was continually disappointed. While running was an excellent exercise, time and again, it left me with an adrenaline high. Rather than a feeling of calmness, I would have the driving feeling of more was needed. This vicious cycle of more is better and yet never feeling satisfied was getting the best of me. In searching for the calm that I desperately needed, I found Yoga...and it was life-changing. This new experience and calming sensation that I found is like a morning breath of fresh air. Breathe, The Art of Yoga was born out of my genuine desire to help others get out of the vicious cycle and the chaotic lifestyle and enjoy life's experience in a whole new way. I sincerely invite you to make my studio "your studio" where you can find strength, energy, clear thinking and a calm that you are yearning for. My passion is now to help others. Let me guide you.

Toula G. Smith
Certified Yoga Instructor
Owner of Breathe, The Art of Yoga