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Amy (alumni)Lademann

Beyond Motion Co-Founder

Amy is a successful fitness expert who has shared her knowledge of the mind~body connection with clients for over 20 years. She has educated and encouraged others to take a holistic approach to healthy living through her teachings as a certified Nutrition Coach, Fitness Expert, and Motivational Speaker. For more than 10 years Amy has been a Movement Practitioner with certifications in Pilates, Nia, Yoga, Zumba, and Balletone.

Throughout her career, Amy has developed mind~body programs, assisted in opening movement studios, and coached Wellness Practitioners on how to incorporate holistic lifestyle programs into their current practice. Today we are all able to participate in Amy's unique lifestyle, fitness, and education programs, through Beyond Motion's popular classes, unique workshops, and inspiring seminars.
Amy, along with her husband Rick founded Beyond Motion Fitness Studio in 2009. The Beyond Motion curriculum is designed so that clients tap into their full potential and exceed their health and fitness goals. “Taking a holistic approach to create balance between mind, body and soul, is the only way to reach your ultimate potential in fitness and in life.” - Amy