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Jason (alumni)Anderson

My name is Jason Anderson and I am an Athlete. Honestly before I started CrossFit I would of never of called myself that. CrossFit turns everybody, child to grandmother, into an athlete. That is how we are defined in what we do. To me there is nothing more rewarding than helping my athletes complete their goals and push the boundaries of their own minds, which helps all aspects of there life more than anyone would guess. I started training my father before anybody else and he is one of my greatest stories. He lost over 60lbs and his blood statistics are amazing, and I bring that joy into the box everyday. I have my CrossFit Level 1 and have acquired 6 other CrossFit Specialty certifications since, also including my USAW Sports Performance Coach for Olympic Lifting which is my specialty. I have competed in Dirty South Regionals Apr'09. Dirty South Sectionals Mar'10. Came in 33rd out of 98 male competitors . Proudly achieved 2nd place winner at "Swamp Monster" competition in Aug '10 and have done numerous others like "Fight Gone Bad", "Iron Curtain" & "Tough Mudder", and numerous Olympic Lifting competitions. I have also trained 3rd fittest woman in the world Talayna Fortunato and trained with Holley Mangold who competed in the 2012 Olympics representing the 75+ KG weight class for USA !!