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TJ (alumni)O'Connor

“If you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life” are the words Troy O’Connor lives by each and every day. O’Connor, a Michigan native, is more than just the owner and Head Coach at Real Fitness—A CrossFit Gym in Naples, Florida. He is a motivator, a sensible and decisive down-to-earth businessman, and an individual with never-ending aspirations and goals for not only himself but everyone he comes into contact with.

Growing up as a thin and lengthy teenager, O’Connor started to discover his interest in the human physiology early on. As he continued to educate himself on the human body, fitness, and nutrition he started transforming himself into a fitness role model. Once he was able to change his physical appearance he wanted to help others reach the same goals he had worked so hard to accomplish. As he started his “CrossFit body” makeover, more and more people were curious about his achieved results and wanted to know the secret to all encompassing fitness.

Now, with more than seven years of personal training experience and a long list of personal training and CrossFit certifications, O’Connor has a countless number of success stories of past and current clients, which increase day by day. Not only does O’Connor thank himself for his quickly found success; he has lived his dream by surrounding himself with like-minded individuals who are all passionate about changing peoples’ lives.

When O’Connor relocated to Naples, FL he was shocked at the lack of CrossFit “boxes” and decided to start one of his own. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, his passion for helping others achieve peak fitness goals, and a strong desire to succeed, O’Connor opened his version of a “box” with the comforts of a commercial gym while staying true to the CrossFit methodology. But do not think his plan stops there; it is only a matter of time before O’Connor duplicates the success of Real Fitness and expands to the rest of Southwest Florida.