Hill Center

Ambassador Gillian St. Clair

Steadfast and True Yoga

I’ve been dancing all my life but from my first yoga class in 1999 to the present day, I step on the mat and I am home. That’s the feeling I try to convey in my yoga classes. Here you are safe to explore and are supported in your journey. Having extensive background in Ashtanga yoga, and a passion for dance and music, my classes fuse creative sequencing with powerful movement. They will require only a few things of you; quality of breath, physical honesty, and mental focus. My Ashtanga classes aren’t as strict as most but I won’t stray from the principles that were clearly given to me. I firmly believe every yogi needs a strong foundation and Ashtanga is my rock. I fuse everything into my Vinyasa classes including daily life experiences. I feel like if we are trying to live in... Read the profile >>

Ambassador Josh Rogers

Results Fitness

From a young age, Josh Rogers enjoyed the competition and rewards of athletics while growing up in the South. He credits his mother for teaching him the benefits of determination and hard work, which he would learn to apply in his studies and career. After high school, Rogers attended Western Kentucky University and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in education. Rogers also earned personal training and group fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as well as a Performance Enhancement Certification. After a short tenure teaching and coaching in Kentucky, Rogers headed to Nashville, Tennessee as a fitness trainer where his cliental in Music City USA included country music artists, business executives... Read the profile >>

Ambassador Liz Mead

Liz received her masters at Columbia and has been an educator for 10 years. While teaching high school history in the inner city of New York, she began teaching yoga after school. Somewhat surprisingly it was the only highly attended after-school program. Yoga helped her students to overcome obstacles and fall in love with their lives again. Thus motivated, she received certification from Laughing Lotus yoga studio in New York City. Liz has taught yoga in New York, Nashville, and Costa Rica. Her yoga classes encourage students to find their own practice by helping them understand the body's potential and uncovering the unique rhythm of their own breath. her goal is to bring yoga, nutrition, and wellness to everyone. She believes through movement and nutrition that people of... Read the profile >>

Ambassador Liz Veyhl

Shakti Power Yoga, Green Hills YMCA, Nashville Paddle Company

Liz stumbled into her first yoga class in 2005. As a high school and college athlete, she was insistent that yoga was not going to be the “sport” for her. She had no idea how quickly she would be hooked, loving both the challenge of the physical practice and the deeper emotional benefits. Those two components continue to draw her back to the mat.Liz is a certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga instructor (E-RYT 200, RYT 500). She has completed both her 200 and 500-hour trainings under Baron Baptiste and now travels to assist these trainings and programs around the world. Read the profile >>

Ambassador Sarah-Jane Hill


After working as an agent in Los Angeles and Minneapolis for 12 years, I wanted to come back down to terra firma. In that time, workouts and music were my release, everything seemed possible after dropping into that space. I want everyone to feel good in his or her own powerful body. Love their strength. Be a part of how fitness, in true form, inspires the rest of life. Come on with your bad self and see how strong you can be! Lose yourself in a soul driving, good tune. Catch your breath from burpee variation 500 and say, "Dang, I'm good!" Read the profile >>

Amanda Wentworth - ALUMNI

Yoga Teacher - Steadfast & True, Studio Dakini, Yoga Country, The Vanderbilt Center for Integrated Health, Kali Yuga Yoga, a

Amanda, E-RYT 500, has created a life of movement arts. Her evolution began with varied disciplines such as gymnastics, modern dance, and capoiera, yet her present focus revolves entirely on yoga. She received her primary 1,000-hour Hatha certification with Iyengar teachers at the Southern Institute of Yoga Instructors in 2004. Next she furthered her studies in NYC, training in Katonah Yoga - a method steeped in traditional Chinese medicine and Taoism. This opened the physical structure of the practice, exposing energetic harmony between one's body and the surrounding space and time. A two-month journey through India in 2009 allowed her to thrive, enriching her practice and deepening her teaching intentions. Amanda is currently the director and lead-instructor of the 200-hour Hatha... Read the profile >>

Angie Kirk - ALUMNI

Angie Kirk is a health and fitness professional with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Angie holds a B.A. in Physical Education from the University of West Georgia and also earned the following certifications through continuing education: A.C.S.M. Group Exercise Leader; A.C.S.M. Personal Trainer; AFAA certifications including Group Exercise, Personal Trainer, Step, Weight Room Certified Instructor; Power Pilates Certified Instructor; RYT 200 Yoga Instructor; TRX Suspension Training; Johnnie G. Spinning Instructor; Thomas The Promise Kick Boxing Instructor. Angie's experiences in the fitness industry range from teaching cheerlreading clinics for the NCA and ICF throughout the country to holding nationally ranked titles in Power Lifting and Body Building. Angie... Read the profile >>

Brent Coleman - ALUMNI

Sanctuary For Yoga, Steadfast and True Yoga, Yoga Country

We should never fear our inadequacies. Only fear what we may become. Yoga is a means to become powerful beyond all imagination. With this power comes great responsibility and through yoga we learn to truly be responsible. At age six, a time involving blonde hair and virtually no beard scruff whatsoever, a delicate balance was being formed between playing baseball and playing guitar. For Brent, each activity received mutual respect and dedication. The scale began to tilt after high school when he began to focus on music…since a guitar scholarship was paying the way. After receiving a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, he hit the road with an indie/alternative rock group. The touring lifestyle left an imbalance that needed immediate attention. Upon... Read the profile >>

Christopher McClintock - ALUMNI

Personal Best Fitness

Christopher and his staff of Personal Trainers work with those that are beginning an exercise program, as educators and motivators when it comes to each client's personal goals. Most importantly, Christopher insures your program will be safe and realistic and specific to your body only. This way you not only achieve the results you want, but you also have achieved them as quickly as possible. Christopher received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Recreation from Kent State University and is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. Christopher has been sponsored by Nike, Brooks, Swiftwick, Rudy Project, Gatorade and PowerBar as a marathon coach for American Cancer Society and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training. He has completed over 70... Read the profile >>

Courtney Robers - ALUMNI

Green Hills YMCA

Courtney was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She grew up enjoying athletics and began teaching group fitness classes while attending college at the University of Tennessee. After moving back to Nashville, Courtney began personal training and teaching group fitness classes full time. She has pursued this career for the past ten years and is passionate about achieving health in mind, body, and soul. When Courtney is not working she loves being with her husband, family, and her two dogs. Read the profile >>

Daphne Larkin - ALUMNI

Sanctuary For Yoga

Daphne came to yoga through her two passions - music and dance. In dance, she experienced movement as an expression of the soul. In yoga, she discovered an even deeper connection. Her diverse studies have enriched her yoga practice and shaped her own unique style of teaching which deeply honors the wisdom of the body. She teaches Prana Flow which is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by her Maha Teacher, Shiva Rea. Daphne is known for the fluid grace of her practice and the balanced nature of her classes which cultivate deep opening and rooted inner strength. Her fluid sequences and intuitive approach to unlocking the layers of the body help students open to the natural grace and depth of their practice. Teaching since 2001 and... Read the profile >>

Emmit Martin - ALUMNI

I Run For The Party, All About, Music Cancer Awareness Project

Emmit Martin is the owner and operator of I Run For The Party, a Nashville-based race management and sports marketing company that encourages the city of Nashville to get active and get involved. From its beginning as a single, costume-centered 5K fun run during Halloween, I Run For The Party has grown into a full-fledged event management enterprise in six years of operation, and currently hosts four major races each year. As an event organizer, Mr. Martin has a penchant for creating a block party atmosphere and delivering organic, personalized customer service to every single runner that passes over his start/finish line. He is a true entrepreneur, and acts as a Race Director for outside events like the Shoney’s Family Fun Run, Dunkin Donuts Community 5K, and all others. ... Read the profile >>

Erin Weston-Myers - ALUMNI

Simply Pilates

Erin Weston-Myers came into Pilates after she finished her first season dancing with the Radio City Rockettes, when she was suffering from knee and back pain. After a few months of Pilates work, the muscles around her knee were strengthened and her scoliosis, which she has had since a young age, was starting to straighten out. Since then, Erin has opened Simply Pilates, a successful Pilates studio located in the heart of Nashville, TN, to better the lives of other people. Erin was trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration, based in NYC. She is A.C.E. (G.F.) and P.M.A. certified and is also a faculty member of Balanced Body University. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship from Pace University in NYC (Cum Laude). Erin is an energizing... Read the profile >>

Jamie Bryant - ALUMNI

HOTBOX Fitness Studio

"Party Hard, Sweat Harder." -HOTBOX Nashville Read the profile >>

Jamie Roberts - ALUMNI

YMCA Greenhills, Momshell Fitness, The Delta

Jamie is a composer and music teacher residing in Nashville. She completed her education at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory with studies at Academie des Ecrins in France. In college, she found a passion for health and studied nutrition, general fitness and yoga. In addition to her music career, Jamie teaches fitness classes at area fitness facilities, specifically indoor cycling. Her mission is to spread enthusiasm for wellness and she is an advocate for healthy living. She spends time recording and performing music for yoga, meditation and relaxation. Her inspiration originates from her classes and the influence music has on our bodies. Jamie enjoys various fitness and healthy activities including running, swimming, dancing, hiking and rock climbing. Jamie is honored to be a... Read the profile >>

Jane House - ALUMNI

Steadfast & True Yoga/ Yoga Country/ Jane House Yoga

Over 12 years of devoted practice and study, Jane has developed a teaching style that she often calls ‘The Yoga of Embodiment,’ a practice that weaves the breath-based flow of Vinyasa Yoga and the precision of Iyengar Yoga to yield a deep, physically challenging, andtransformative mind/body experience aimed toward the process of self- inquiry and beingness. In Jane’s classes, students learn to inhabit their bodies in warmer, more creative, and more spacious ways. Jane has been primarily influenced by master teachers Patricia Walden, Barbara Benagh, Rodney Yee, Angela Farmer, Tony Briggs, and Sofia Diaz. Jane is the co-founder of The Yoga Loft in San Francisco (2002), where she spent the last 8 years serving and teaching among a thriving yoga community. Jane holds... Read the profile >>

Jessalynn Hakanson - ALUMNI

Sanctuary For Yoga & Donelson YMCA Several moons ago, Jessalynn stumbled into a yoga class in Colorado and fell down dog… heels over head in love with a yoga practice. She has been practicing yoga for almost ten years and learning from her students for the past six years. For approximately two years, the Yoga Center of Minneapolis provided a foundational education and teacher training with the opportunity to study various disciplines such as vinyasa, ashtanga, kriya, restorative, prenatal and postnatal yoga. Jessalynn is indebted to her teachers in Minneapolis and all her students along the way. Jessalynn is inspired by cherished experiences with senior teachers such as Shiva Rea, Dharma Mittra, Sean Corn, Tias Little, Rod Stryker, Larry Shultz, and Doug Swenson, and Simon... Read the profile >>

Joe Powers - ALUMNI

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi ~ These simple yet powerful and profound words are much easier to hang on a wall or read on a coffee mug than to enact on a daily basis or on a moment to moment basis. Unless we change ourselves and help people around us change, nobody will change because everybody will be waiting for the other person to change. I am a private fitness consultant. I help people change their mind, body and spirit through physical and mental conditioning. When someone commits to improving their body/mind/spirit through fitness, their energy shifts towards creating positive change within themselves which in turn, affects everyone in their world. I believe we all have an inner athlete just waiting to shine. I train all of my... Read the profile >>

Kady Decker - ALUMNI

Pure Barre Nashville

Kady Decker was born and raised in Murfreesboro, TN. Kady graduated with a degree in Fitness & Health Promotion from Samford University where she ran track on a scholarship for 4 years. Kady is passionate about fitness, people and the TN Titans Football. Kady has watched how Pure Barre has changed her track body in to a Pure Barre body and is excited to begin transforming Nashville as the owner of two Pure Barre studios in Nashville and Brentwood. Read the profile >>

Kelly Farina - ALUMNI

Fahrenheit Yoga Studio

I started practicing hot yoga in 2006 in Arizona from Sumit Banerjee. The heat was intense, and I had no idea i could sweat that much. I was an athlete all through high school and have always loved working out and being active so the discipline and the intensity of the practice was a perfect fit for me. Everyday I feel blessed that I get to share what I love with other people. For me, yoga is a daily meditation. It keeps my mind peaceful and has improved all aspects of my life from my health to my relationships. My mission is to continue to share yoga with as many people as possible and create a safe and positive enviroment for every student that walks in the studio. It is so true that yoga is a life long journey and I plan on practicing yoga for as long as I can on and off my mat. I... Read the profile >>

Lauren Farina - ALUMNI

Shakti Power Yoga

I knew the moment I started practicing hot yoga I was in and thought to myself everyone needs to feel this good. Nelson Mandela once said, "Who are we, not to shine?" That's exactly what I feel like when I have just finished practicing hot yoga. I am definitely sweaty as hell and I LOVE that, but there is that moment when you are at peace with yourself and completely content with where you are right now. You feel like you can do anything, be anybody and you want to do it with peace and love in your heart...Who doesn't want that? I am so thankful that I get to practice and continue my journey every day at Shakti Power Yoga and being a teacher I have the opportunity to witness the moments when a student is dripping sweat from head to toe but radiating positive energy inside and out. Read the profile >>

Mark Miller - ALUMNI

East Nasty is one of the largest running groups in middle Tennessee, and it all got its start about 6 years ago when Mark Miller was training people for the Country Music Marathon. He soon realized that there was enough interest for a year-round group. So in 2008, they began meeting weekly, and East Nasty soon became the home base for run training, community, and hearty competition. And as it grows, Mark continues to maintain his original vision--helping to build a better (run) community. So it is fitting that Mark Miller is a teacher by profession. He has a natural sense of leadership and a gift of inspiring and encouraging others. Mark is currently the track coach and calculus/algebra teacher at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville. He's also a runner for life himself.... Read the profile >>

Page Hart - ALUMNI

Sanctuary Yoga

Page is fueled by the beautiful integration of mind, body and spirit that exists in yoga and believes this connection is the essence of the practice. Page consciously creates the space within her classes for students to awaken a sense of empowerment that gracefully guides them to an open mind and open heart, while discovering the fluidity and strength of their own bodies and realizing the true beauty that exists within each and every human being. Over 15 years ago, Page’s passion for yoga emerged, but was refueled when Sanctuary opened their doors. Within the Sanctuary community, she observed such a supportive and loving environment that inspired a deeper commitment and dedication to her yoga practice. Her experience and time practicing yoga at Sanctuary cultivated a strong passion... Read the profile >>

Rebecca Carey - ALUMNI

Rebecca Carey Yoga

Yoga took root in Rebecca's life shortly after her move to Nashville, TN. She discovered that practicing yoga could leave her feeling physically and mentally refreshed and rejuvinated. Rebecca also realized the benefits of this practice extend much deeper than physical and mental, and discovered the profound spiritual blessings inherent to yoga. She fell completely in love and continued on a path to explore and expand her practice and knowledge of this wonderful way of life. After years of practice and filled with a strong desire to share the benefits of yoga with others, she completed her 230 Hr. Teacher Training at the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina under the guidance of Stephanie Keach and Shala Worsley. Rebecca is also a certified Yin Yoga teacher, implementing Yin Yoga... Read the profile >>

Tom Larkin - ALUMNI

The purpose of yoga is to enact a change…be that in the way we think, act, or live. A teacher is here to be a guide and help you navigate these changes. To walk with you down your own path to a greater Self. Tom came to yoga after many years in the business world creating visual art, playing sports, performing music, studying philosophy, and earning an Art degree from Belmont University. Through the encouragement of one of his first teachers, John Charping, Tom enrolled in the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors' 1000-hour teacher training program and received his certification at the end of the 13 month long program. In addition, Tom is certified in Vinyasa Flow Yoga by his teacher Shiva Rea and gives pranams to her for continually guiding him to new levels of personal change.... Read the profile >>