Nashville : Hill Center

Ambassador Gillian St. Clair

I’ve been dancing all my life but from my first yoga class in 1999 to the present day, I step on the mat and I am home. That’s the feeling I try to convey in my yoga classes. Here you are safe to explore and are supported in your journey. Having extensive background in Ashtanga yoga, and a passion for dance and music, my classes fuse creative sequencing with powerful movement. They will require only a few things of you; quality of breath, physical honesty, and mental focus.

My Ashtanga classes aren’t as strict as most but I won’t stray from the principles that were clearly given to me. I firmly believe every yogi needs a strong foundation and Ashtanga is my rock.
I fuse everything into my Vinyasa classes including daily life experiences. I feel like if we are trying to live in the present than our yoga should reflect that. Which is why Vinyasa resonates so strongly with me and changes daily. I am not going to share anything with you I haven’t experienced on my own.

I traveled to Mysore, India to train in Ashtanga yoga under V.K Sheshadre whom I consider to be my first inspiration. His love for life was astonishing, his devotion to family was humbling, his attention to detail was such a blessing and his devotion to the 8 limb path was always evident. I hope to honor that within this studio.