Nashville : Hill Center

Brent Coleman - ALUMNI

We should never fear our inadequacies. Only fear what we may become. Yoga is a means to become powerful beyond all imagination. With this power comes great responsibility and through yoga we learn to truly be responsible.

At age six, a time involving blonde hair and virtually no beard scruff whatsoever, a delicate balance was being formed between playing baseball and playing guitar. For Brent, each activity received mutual respect and dedication. The scale began to tilt after high school when he began to focus on music…since a guitar scholarship was paying the way. After receiving a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in classical guitar performance, he hit the road with an indie/alternative rock group. The touring lifestyle left an imbalance that needed immediate attention.

Upon the band breaking up, Brent decided to dedicate himself to a daily yoga practice. Yoga had been a sporadic occurrence until now, yielding short term benefits only. A commitment to a daily practice changed everything. He began to breathe deeply and respond instead of react to situations. A childhood fear of being inverted was overcome. Years of abuse to his neck, back, shoulders and wrists from guitar playing began to reverse and strength that he never thought possible started showing up and increasing daily. Above all, balance was peaking its head above water…in all aspects of his life. Yoga had become music, baseball, and everything else that played a part in shaping the person he had become.

A six month teacher training at Sanctuary for Yoga, Body, and Spirit really sealed the deal. Brent continues to learn from both Tom and Daphne Larkin at Sanctuary and is forever grateful to them for their knowledge , inspiration, and support. He has also been inspired by classes/workshops with Ricky Tran, Martin Kirk, Simon Park, Gillian St. Claire, Dharma Mittra, and Ragunath. His goal is to travel the world teaching Yoga in his own words and style but with the foundations of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras firm and in tact.