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Emmit Martin - ALUMNI

http:// www.cancerawarenessproject

Emmit Martin is the owner and operator of I Run For The Party, a Nashville-based race management and sports marketing company that encourages the city of Nashville to get active and get involved. From its beginning as a single, costume-centered 5K fun run during Halloween, I Run For The Party has grown into a full-fledged event management enterprise in six years of operation, and currently hosts four major races each year.

As an event organizer, Mr. Martin has a penchant for creating a block party atmosphere and delivering organic, personalized customer service to every single runner that passes over his start/finish line. He is a true entrepreneur, and acts as a Race Director for outside events like the Shoney’s Family Fun Run, Dunkin Donuts Community 5K, and all others. Furthermore, Mr. Martin’s skills stretch outside of the sports community to an intimate retreat he hosts for the music community, appropriately named All About Music. Through events like this, he helps bridge the gap between the three major American music communities (New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville) and showcase the talents Music City has to offer.

Mr. Martin is a philanthropist and community leader, and embodies sensitivity and generosity by always building beneficial partnerships with both Nashville neighborhood associations and non-profit organizations. After a life-changing experience donating bone marrow in the summer of 2008, Mr. Martin launched his own non-profit organization, The Cancer Awareness Project, which earned him the distinct honor of being chosen as a 2010 Community Quarterback nominee by The Tennessee Titans.

An active member of the Nashville community, Mr. Martin asks his runners, “What do you run for?” Fittingly showcased through his ever-growing arsenal of entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Martin has found what drives him in service to his community, and urges others to do the same and invest in their own passions.