Nashville : Hill Center

Liz Workman - ALUMNI

Liz received her masters at Columbia and has been an educator for 10 years. While teaching high school history in the inner city of New York, she began teaching yoga after school. Somewhat surprisingly it was the only highly attended after-school program. Yoga helped her students to overcome obstacles and fall in love with their lives again. Thus motivated, she received certification from Laughing Lotus yoga studio in New York City.

Liz has taught yoga in New York, Nashville, and Costa Rica. Her yoga classes encourage students to find their own practice by helping them understand the body's potential and uncovering the unique rhythm of their own breath. her goal is to bring yoga, nutrition, and wellness to everyone. She believes through movement and nutrition that people of all backgrounds and ages can lead healthier and happier lives.

Her practical approach and off-beat demeanor make Liz's classes fun and inviting. She loves a challenge and will be sure to push your practice to the extremes, but with humor and light-hearted playfulness. Her experience as a counselor and dedication to the ethical principles behind yoga as well make her practice not just physically exciting but thought provoking and insightful as well.