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Dutch DeGay

"Jean-Louis “Dutch” is the author of the multisport blog “Fueled by Iron” ( to talk about his experiences with training, racing and trying out new gear enroute to his ultimate goal of competing in an Ironman Triathlon. Dutch believes that a positive outlook and never say die attitude can lead you to be successful in any endeavor and he hopes his story and journey will help motivate others to get off the couch and not only become active but competitive too. Dutch is a former Army Captain in the 75th Ranger. A number of serious injuries including a broken back and pelvis ended his Army career. He now works on soldier equipment at the Army’s Science and technology facilities. Having been active his whole life, getting out of the Army and... Read the profile >>

Julie Starr-Wood

Julie Starr-Wood can't help but be busy- teaching yoga, running her nutrition business, and bopping around boston and the 'burbs with her energetic daugther spreading the message of wellness with a hint of sass, and a whole lot of passion. Originally, Julie got certified to teach yoga as a complement to her nutrition practice- but soon realized that teaching was something that she truly loved to do. She teaches at Universal Power yoga, Milton yoga, and Equinox Chestnut Hill. She teaches a dynamic flow, for all levels of students, and feels truly lucky to be able to combine her yoga and nutrition passion into educational and fun workshops and classes throughout MA. Read the profile >>

Mat Frankel

CrossFit City Line

Mat is the owner and head coach of CrossFit City Line. He holds numerous different certifications and has been involved in competitive sport, fitness, athletics and nutrition for over 10 years. It wasn’t until personally utilizing CrossFit as his training method that he began to see its power and ability to change and improve peoples lives. This is what inspired him to pursue a career coaching and to help people achieve their fitness goals. While coaching at CrossFit New England for over two years, Mat was able to see people make positive life altering changes to improve their health, wellness and fitness. It was through CrossFit and its unique scalability that all people were able to make these improvements. He has worked with all different people, from professional, college and... Read the profile >>