Natick Collection

Diane Latouf

H.Y.P. Studio

"My mom brought me to my first yoga class and to tell you the truth I found it very strange and pretty hard to take seriously. I wanted to burst into laughter during the quiet moments, the Om-ing freaked me out, and in my closed minded adolescence I decided very quickly that it wasn’t for me. A few years went by and she encouraged me to try it again, I had a completely different experience. Yoga challenged me physically, mentally, and also gave me a peace of mind that I didn’t quite find in any other form of exercise. This time I stuck with it, I practiced as much as I could and loved learning from different teachers. I decided to take an assistant training to further my practice. I learned so much and yet still wanted to know so much more. Yoga became my passion, I dreamed of being... Read the profile >>

Gina Fay

DanceFIT Studio

On a given day Gina will teach five fitness classes, several ballet classes to young ballerinas and she begins her day leading on-line class to clients from around the world as part of her revolutionary live virtualFIT program. How does this mother of two do it? “One class at a time,” Gina laughed. “But I am pretty sore.” A California girl by birth, Gina now resides on the east coast where she runs two Boston-area studios in Brookline and Natick. DanceFIT Studio came about in 2006 when Gina combined her passion for fitness with her extensive classical ballet background that has taken her around the world. “DanceFIT was a dream for me for a long time, and we pride ourselves in creating an environment that is fun and welcoming for everyone,” Gina said. “We’ve... Read the profile >>

Julie Starr-Wood

Julie Starr-Wood can't help but be busy- teaching yoga, running her nutrition business, and bopping around boston and the 'burbs with her energetic daugther spreading the message of wellness with a hint of sass, and a whole lot of passion. Originally, Julie got certified to teach yoga as a complement to her nutrition practice- but soon realized that teaching was something that she truly loved to do. She teaches at Universal Power yoga, Milton yoga, and Equinox Chestnut Hill. She teaches a dynamic flow, for all levels of students, and feels truly lucky to be able to combine her yoga and nutrition passion into educational and fun workshops and classes throughout MA. Read the profile >>

Kate Schuh

Daybreak CrossFit

Kate has been involved in CrossFit since November 2011 when she attended a trial class on a whim with a friend. She was instantly hooked by both the challenge and sense of accomplishment that came with each and every workout. After just a few months, it was clear that this new training regimen made her stronger and fitter than she had been with her previous cardio and cross-exercise routines. The variety of gymnastics movements and the complexity of Olympic lifts were daunting at times, but the gains, results and measurable progress encouraged her to keep at it. Like many CrossFitters before her, Kate was hooked after she accomplished a goal that seemed impossible when first starting CrossFit. For Kate, it was hitting a bodyweight overhead squat when she used to struggle with just an... Read the profile >>