New Orleans : Shops at Canal Place

Krystall Snemyr

Krystall started her journey to a healthy lifestyle only five years ago, when a good friend introduced her, by complete happenstance, to “hot yoga.” At the time, Krystall was unknowingly 40 lbs. overweight and terribly unhappy in her life. She had no idea how that one simple decision to go to the hot yoga class would end up forever changing her body, mind, career, and potentially the New Orleans health and wellness community. Although she doesn’t seem to remember much from the first few classes, she knew she had to keep going back. After a year of practice, she decided to quit her corporate 9-5 job and become a Bikram Yoga teacher. From there, she slowly took on more roles and responsibilities around her yoga studio, until she was the manager and a full-time teacher. In 2012, Krystall followed the seemingly evident signs that she needed to bring New Orleans a state-of-the-art Bikram Yoga studio, in fact the first certified Bikram Yoga studio in the state of Louisiana. She felt like it was a “karma yoga calling” to marry her business skill-set with the ever-growing and truly-inspiring Bikram Yoga community's need for a bigger and more well-equipped yoga studio.

“My motivation to open the new studio was always my students. Even on what might seem to be the longest or hardest days, the students always, always, always show up for their practice...

Their dedication is my inspiration,” she says.