Newport Beach : Fashion Island

Jaime Komer

Athlete. Yogi. Traveler. & Ekam Yoga

What is Jaime Komer’s goal? To get every athlete on the mat. As Chief Experience Creator & Co-Founder of Athlete.Yogi.Traveler., she brings YOU Olympian Yoga & Pilates and the Mat Movement…

An Athlete at Heart, Yogi by Practice, Traveler by Nature. What does that mean? The word on the street is that Olympic Medalist & Certified International Instructor, Jaime loves everything having to do with sports, yoga, travel, and philanthropy. This might explain her getting along so well with lululemon athletica Newport Beach. Honored and grateful as a 3rd time Ambassador with the store, her real story begins in the pool.

After earning 2 World Championships and a silver medal at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, with the USA Women’s Water Polo Team, Jaime finally wandered into the world of yoga & pilates. How? After multiple hip and shoulder surgeries (knock on wood, the final one was in 2009), she was introduced to both during her various rehabs.

When preparing for her retirement in 2010, the ultimate question came…”what now?” During her free time prior to retirement, Jaime was an Educator for lululemon Newport Beach, where she was introduced to Goal Setting, Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and Living the Life You Love. Oooooh, now we’re talking!

Fast forward 5 years; Certified in Pilates, Yoga, Indoor Cycling, & SUP. Jaime has transformed her unique experience from a professional athlete to a trustworthy leader in the fitness community.

“I aim to inspire and empower others with a positivity outlook, having the courage to find their best self, on and off the mat.”

You’ll now find Jaime leading customized workshops and programs to athletes (Olympian Yoga & Pilates) and sharing yoga philanthropically with like-minded organizations around the world (Mat Movement).

You might also find her wandering the Newport Back Bay with her husband, Matt, and their dog, Mosman the Beast (a fierce-looking golden retriever that is known for standing by your side as long as you pet him).