New York : 66th and 3rd

Shaun Jenkins


Shaun Robert Jenkins is a native New Yorker born and raised in Brooklyn, he attended South Kent Prep School in Connecticut, and Union College in Schenectady NY. He has always been an athlete, spending many years playing football and lacrosse throughout high school and college. After college Shaun began to study various forms of martial arts to stay in shape and find spiritual harmony, eventually settling into the art form Hung Gar Kung Fu and he continues to build daily on his knowledge of this discipline. Shaun entered the personal training world four years ago as a career change and began personal training at Equinox, quickly advancing to a Tier 3 Plus trainer. In the last two years he has added group fitness instructor to his resume and his classes are regarded for their high levels of intensity. Shaun is known for his ability to push members beyond their personal threshold, demanding performance all while delivering instructions with a warm affectionate smile. He receives rave reviews from members and has become a rising star within the Equinox community. With certifications from NSCF and Precision Nutrition he is able to coach his clients on nutrition and helps them find balance between training and their day to day life. Shaun is constantly seeking knowledge with a focus on fitness, nutrition and overall well being. He firmly believes that mental and physical harmony are essential to perform at peak levels and he helps his clients to achieve this. Through his intense energy, spirited personality, enormous passion and dedication, Shaun motivates his students and clients to success helping them attain balance between body, mind and soul.