New York
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Emily Faurholt

Bikram NYC

Emily found yoga in college while she was playing basketball for the university of Idaho. However, it was when she finished her career overseas that she was looking for something to fill the void that yoga became a part of her daily life. Emily fell in love with yoga as an expression of her love of dance and her love of sports. Her meditative nature found a home in the quiet movements and focus of practicing the physical exercises of yoga. As Emily pushed herself to excel in yoga the teacher and nurturer in her person desired to share with those around her. In Fall of 2008 Emily completed her first training in Acapulco, Mexico with Bikram Yoga. Since then she has completed trainings with Pure Yoga NYC, the Prenatal Yoga Center and Karma Kids Yoga as well as completing a... Read the profile >>

Ryan Makely


Cycling has played a very influential role in Ryan’s life; his passion and energy towards cycling – and fitness in general - shines through in the most positive of ways. Born and raised in New York, Ryan played many sports growing up, but nothing really clicked besides dance. As he neared college, Ryan began to notice that he needed more physical activities to enhance his level of fitness. He began cycling as a way to keep active, and the results astounded him. He immediately became a committed biker! In 2005, he moved to the city to pursue acting, graduating with a B.F.A. in Acting/Musical Theatre from Pace University in 2009. He continues his work extensively in New York theatre while he’s not cycling. Being offered a position as a club coordinator at Flywheel was an... Read the profile >>

Will Schneider

NY Loves Yoga

I have been an athlete of varying degrees my whole life. When I was younger, I swam, rode bikes, ran away from created trouble and played “freeze tag”. As I got older I fell in love with basketball, set course records running cross-country, high-jumped, triple jumped, ran the 400m and 800m and even played some football. I went to King’s College where I continued to play basketball on a partial scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Biology. Upon graduation, I moved to Philadelphia where I tried tackling the corporate world. Within these corporate years, I Weekend Warrior-ed with flag-football, discovered my love for snowboarding, played more basketball, hit the gym 3-5 times per week, hiked and kayaked. Many of these activities I still enjoy today. After six years, I realized... Read the profile >>