New York : 75th & Broadway

Kay Kay Clivio

Through KK's approach to yoga, clients can relieve stress, sharpen focus and strengthen their bodies to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

After developing muscle exhaustion from Hawaiian canoe racing 15 years ago, KK found relief through yoga. As an injured athlete, she hoped to heal her pain and regain her agility. Through yoga KK not only recovered physically, but also found a new passion & profession.

"These teachings have transformed my life," says KK, "and I want to share them in a very heartfelt way with each individual student."

KK earned her first certification in 2001 and now leads PureYoga teacher trainings nationwide. KK has completed training in many different styles of yoga including Bikram Yoga, Forrest Yoga, Baptiste Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Anusara Therapeutics. KK has taught internationally at Pure Yoga Hong Kong and she helped launch Pure Yoga in the U.S.

Working one-on-one with KK in private sessions encourages clients to gain to improve their skills. She tailors every session to meet specific client needs. Whether to heal an injury, enhance concentration or improve a golf game, each client can accomplish a measurable goal.