New York : 75th & Broadway

Ryan Makely

Cycling has played a very influential role in Ryan’s life; his passion and energy towards cycling – and fitness in general - shines through in the most positive of ways.

Born and raised in New York, Ryan played many sports growing up, but nothing really clicked besides dance. As he neared college, Ryan began to notice that he needed more physical activities to enhance his level of fitness. He began cycling as a way to keep active, and the results astounded him. He immediately became a committed biker! In 2005, he moved to the city to pursue acting, graduating with a B.F.A. in Acting/Musical Theatre from Pace University in 2009. He continues his work extensively in New York theatre while he’s not cycling.

Being offered a position as a club coordinator at Flywheel was an opportunity that changed Ryan's life. Though cycling was already a big focus, he had no idea the level it could be taken to until he took his very first class. He lost a tremendous amount of weight that he didn't think possible, and he continues to push his physical limits, thanks to the workouts introduced to him by his friends and co-workers at Flywheel. Bringing all his love, energy, technique, and endurance to the instructor bike, Ryan is sure to give you exactly the sweat-drenched and joy-filled ride you desire!