New York : 75th & Broadway

Will Schneider!

I have been an athlete of varying degrees my whole life. When I was younger, I swam, rode bikes, ran away from created trouble and played “freeze tag”. As I got older I fell in love with basketball, set course records running cross-country, high-jumped, triple jumped, ran the 400m and 800m and even played some football.
I went to King’s College where I continued to play basketball on a partial scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Biology. Upon graduation, I moved to Philadelphia where I tried tackling the corporate world. Within these corporate years, I Weekend Warrior-ed with flag-football, discovered my love for snowboarding, played more basketball, hit the gym 3-5 times per week, hiked and kayaked. Many of these activities I still enjoy today. After six years, I realized that the stifling comfort of the corporate culture was a game I no longer wanted to play.
In 2003, I went out on my own and moved to New York City.
I was a very successful professional actor for years and am still fortunate to be teaching acting, which has allowed me to spend over eleven weeks in various parts of Africa (Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya).
Then five years ago I discovered yoga. Since my very first time on the mat, I was hooked. I no longer go to the gym, nor do I have the desire to do so and am in the best physical and mental shape of my life. After a few years of practicing, I decided to become a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training at the very-popular, Yoga to the People. After my training, I was invited to teach at YttP where I honed by craft for a couple of years. I opened Zaanti (Za-an-ti) Private Yoga in 2010 in hopes of helping people that may be intimidated by studio yoga understand it on a more personal and customized level.
For me, yoga has proven to be a humbling, self-exploration of endless challenge. If one can tackle the mountains and obstacles on the inside, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, the outside world is a more beautiful and relaxing place to live.
Using yoga as a vehicle for exploration and discovery, I look forward to helping you overcome your biggest and most humbling challenges as I softly encourage you to step beyond your perceived limitation and into a life of unlimited possibilities. -Will