New York
Madison Avenue

Eric Salvador

The Fhitting Room

Born and raised in NYC, Eric discovered at a young age that being a scrawny, skinny kid was a disadvantage in the sports he loved. It wasn't until Eric became one of 'the few, the proud' and enlisted as a U.S. Marine that he not only changed physically but mentally. "Marine Corps boot camp was the hardest thing I have ever done, but once I graduated I felt strong, confident and like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to." Thus began Eric’s love for physical fitness. ?20 years later, Eric continues to train as intensely but smarter using High Intensity Training (HIT). With HIT, Eric stays in phenomenal shape and ready to do anything active such as run, bike, swim, lift weights, play a sport and keep up with his active kids. Eric co-created an award-winning HIT class being... Read the profile >>

Gia Alvarez

Run Gia Run

mama-lete adj 1. The existential coexistence of a dedicated mom and a dedicated athlete 2. Gia Alvarez A mom of twins, a 3:32 marathoner, a coach and a fit life connoisseur. Gia believes in the possibility of life balance she spends her days helping the mama-letes of this world find that same balance. She writes about her journey at where she shares the whole truth - the missteps and the good decisions. Because the life of a mom-lete is a journey not a destination. Read the profile >>

Marko Galjasevic

Pure Yoga, The Yoga Room

Marko Galjasevic took his first Yoga class, in 2000, with his mother. Offering a dynamic blend between a fierce, physical practice and a reverence for spirit, his classroom is infused with energy. Marko is a student of Raghunath Cappo, the harmonium, and The Bhagavad Gita. What first attracted him to Yoga was work and sweat. What ultimately keeps him in his Yoga practice is spirit and devotion. He took his first teacher training to learn more about asana practice. At the end of the training he decided he wanted to teach. What he loves about teaching is witnessing that "AHA" moment when someone in class accomplishes something they never ever did before. It's refreshing! Read the profile >>

Nedra Lopez

The Studio by Remorca Fitness

With nearly a decade in the industry, Nedra has refined her fitness technique to help her clients find balance in both their physique and their daily life. She embraces her mantra, of enjoying everyday, and working out to compliment such a lifestyle. The success of her routines can be attributed to manipulating the body using movements from a variety of disciplines—strength training, kickboxing, plyometrics, Pilates, kettlebells, yoga, TRX and more. She has designed unique classes at The Studio utilizing this method, including TRX Long and Lean, TRX Kettlebells, and Next Level Kickboxing. Her passion for delivering a fun workout experience is reflected every time you walk into her Studio! This distinctive technique makes her a well-rounded fitness instructor, one who is... Read the profile >>

Stefanie Eris

exhale spa

Stefanie Eris, exhale's National Yoga Director, first discovered yoga while she was studying theater as a way to find neutral in the body and mind. She began to work at exhale in 2005, and while practicing with Isaac Pena, Mardi Sykes, and many other incredible teachers, she realized that she had stumbled upon exactly what she had been looking for... a way to dance with spirit. She received her certification at Laughing Lotus College of Yoga under the guidance of Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, and has been teaching since 2007. Stefanie’s vinyasa flow classes are heavily focused on breath, sweat, music, rhythm, and repetition. She designs her classes in a creative and intelligent way, incorporating dynamic movements and fluid transitions to dive deeply into your body and... Read the profile >>