New York : Madison Avenue

Eric Salvador

Born and raised in NYC, Eric discovered at a young age that being a scrawny, skinny kid was a disadvantage in the sports he loved. It wasn't until Eric became one of 'the few, the proud' and enlisted as a U.S. Marine that he not only changed physically but mentally. "Marine Corps boot camp was the hardest thing I have ever done, but once I graduated I felt strong, confident and like I could accomplish anything I set my mind to." Thus began Eric’s love for physical fitness. ?20 years later, Eric continues to train as intensely but smarter using High Intensity Training (HIT). With HIT, Eric stays in phenomenal shape and ready to do anything active such as run, bike, swim, lift weights, play a sport and keep up with his active kids.

Eric co-created an award-winning HIT class being taught throughout NYSC, PSC and BSC, and he developed NYSC’s super popular Pre-season Sports Conditioning class. He led the small group kettlebell classes at NYSC and was recently featured as teaching one of the best kettlebell classes in NYC in Well + Good NYC. He also created the Train like a Tribute, Hunger Games workout for NYSC, which was featured in the media and is a CrossFit Coach.