New York : Meatpacking

Marisa Sako

Marisa marries anatomical geekery seamlessly with everything that Kula Yoga Project founder Schuyler Grant has taught her about putting together a delicious recipe for meditative metronomic vinyasa called Kula Flow, which includes purposeful sequencing, creative transitions, cleansing pranayama, and sweating your heart out. Marisa’s 500-hour training with Alison West provided her with the opportunity to delve even deeper into alignment, learn to teach Yoga for Backcare, and where she enjoyed the ropes certification portion of the program so much that she commissioned a rope wall to be built in her own living room. All of this highly detailed instruction supports her work with her Basics classes and Brand New Beginner workshops, in that she can offer her students solid fundamentals in healthy alignment which will help them cultivate a safe and sustainable yoga practice. The same goes for her challenging Kula Flow classes where the intensity is well supported by precise alignment cues. Discover all of this in her classes here in NYC or on her retreats to Tulum, Umbria, the Catskills, and beyond.