New York : Soho

Emily Fawcett

Emily brings her Ninja Soul to SoulCycle! After graduating with honors in "Rock Star Studies" Emily moved to NYC on Thanksgiving Day 2007. This "Texanese" (Japanese/Texan) was looking for an adventure, and boy did she find it! Emily first experienced SoulCycle when the Tribeca studios opened. She was 20 lbs heavier and in need of a change. After taking one class, she was hooked. And after several rides, she found another addiction ...SoulBands! With the combination of both classes, her body transformed. Never seeing herself as a "fitness person" before, Emily is now a proud member of the SoulCycle family! In her class, you can expect amazing energy, off the wall music..and yes, you will sweat! When not teaching at SoulCycle, Emily is taking classes at SoulCycle or relaxing in her apartment with her longtime love, Josh. Her other interests include the beach and sunshine!