New York : Soho

Jessie Barr

Vira Yoga, Yoga Vida, Equinox

Jessie completed her Registered Yoga Teacher’s (RYT) certification with Yoga To The People. She is grateful to be doing what she loves, living in NYC working as an actor, voiceover artist and yoga teacher. Jessie discovered the practice of yoga while attending an International Theatre Workshop in Amsterdam. What was once a mysterious morning ritual transformed into a deep daily practice that continues to be an adventure. Her love of movement and fascination with physical expression began at an early age, encouraged by years spent training at The Washington School of Ballet. Her exploration of body awareness, conscious breath, and a search for balance and space in the body as well as the mind continued throughout college at NYU Tisch where she double majored in Drama and English & American Literature. Jessie draws inspiration from an eclectic group of teachers (Elena Brower, Lilia Mead, Amy Matthews, Matt Lombardo & Michael Hewett) and styles (Anusara, Ashtanga, Power Flow). Jessie encourages a playful approach to exploring the body and mind, and balancing energy and effort with a sense of lightness and curiosity.