New York : Union Square

Jeffrey Villanueva

Jeffrey Villanueva began his journey of Yoga in 2007, immediately reaching an emotional level within the practice that struck him. Yoga has taught him compassion, love, and all the tenets to be cultivated as a yogi in his journey to be of service, not only to himself, but through himself to the world. He feels he has been very blessed to be in the Jivamukti community and to become a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, respectfully thanking Sharon-ji, David-ji, and Russell Simmons for making that possible. Wisdom, Bhakti, Love, Respect, and friendship have come as dear instructions imparted by his beloved teacher Sangeeta Vallabhan--sometimes sweet, sometimes difficult--always in a way that encouraged him to be the best that he can be. Jeffrey continues to daily immerse himself in his sadhana so that he may share his love of and passion for yoga to inspire others as he has been genuinely inspired.