New York : Union Square

Nadia Lehmejian

“Don’t forget to breathe. And smile. And have fun.” …Nadia’s last words before she pushes you to do your best each time you set foot in the hot yoga room.

After a good journey of experiences in the 9 years she’s been practicing, and the 4 years she’s been teaching Bikram’s yoga, Nadia’s teaching is highly compassionate, and yet still inspires you to work very hard.

As an athlete, Nadia knows the importance of pushing herself to her limits, and then surpassing them, re-defining them over and over again, in order to constantly improve and achieve new physical goals. A varsity basketball player in her Connecticut high school, an 8-time marathon runner since her undergraduate days at Boston College, and a friendly push-up’s contest initiator when you least expect it – Nadia’s a little bit competitive, but mostly with herself. She constantly seeks to accomplish new goals physically, and pushes herself accordingly. After working through various running-related injuries in the last 16 years, she’s learned the importance of balancing her intensity with patience and self-compassion.

Nadia had a 9-year career in Online Marketing, before getting laid off (twice) in 2008. After exhaustive efforts, and job searching nationwide, she never found another full-time job in Corporate America. While stressful at the time, she feels that her lay-off was simultaneously a blessing, opening up new doors, leading her to become a Bikram Yoga instructor.

Bikram’s yoga has positively changed Nadia’s life physically, mentally and emotionally in countless ways over the years. This daily practice is a powerful self-realization tool that can help us love ourselves and others more, find clarity, realize we’re so much stronger and amazing than we ever dreamed possible, and get into damn good physical shape in the process. She believes that once we learn to focus and control the mind, to look ourselves square in the eye and truly meditate for a full 90 minutes, we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to. Nadia is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this realization process in her students’ lives.