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Andrew Gurvey

Balance Fire Yoga

Andrew has been a yoga junkie since the day he first stepped foot on the mat. His love affair with arm balances began the first time he put his hands on the floor and became acquainted with Crow Pose. He has been splitting his time between standing on his feet and standing on his hands ever since. His path to teaching was an inevitable journey as his love affair with the practice continued. Andrew finds the greatest joy in watching his students discover their own amazing radiance through the offerings of the yoga practice. Andrew considers himself to be a very lucky tour guide on the yoga journey, and considers it an honor to have the privilege to teach. My teacher training, and the shared knowledge of some amazing teachers for whom I am eternally grateful, helped facilitate my... Read the profile >>

Cindy Smith


Group Fitness Manager and Instructor at Equinox Read the profile >>

Deb Wineman

With an intention to help others, I spent many years working as an attorney, teacher, community activist and fundraiser before I became a yoga instructor. My own yoga practice, inspiring teachers and dear friends revealed to me my calling to teach peace through yoga. My goal is to create a safe place where students can practice yoga together and let go of all judgment and distractions and open up to clarity, pure love and potential. In a soulful vinyasa flow style, I emphasize the fundamentals of alignment while leading a strong, steady-paced “moving meditation” accessible to all levels. I am a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and have trained with accomplished teachers in a variety of different styles. I am a dedicated student and practitioner of vinyasa flow,... Read the profile >>

Marcia Tazioli

Shri Yoga Center

Since my first ballet classes as a small child, I have dedicated my entire life to fitness and developing a sound mind, body, and spirit. After graduating from Northwestern University with an art history degree, I became a certified personal trainer. Over the next 7 years I steadily built my client base and knowledge of anatomy and fitness. At the same time that I was becoming faster, stronger, and better my husband, who was practicing yoga, was becoming quieter, calmer and more aware. At his suggestion, I attended a vinyasa flow yoga class. I was immediately hooked. Gradually, both my workouts and my life became more yoga-centered as I went from being simply on the mat to in the moment. My hope is to contribute in some small way to the health and happiness of those around me. I... Read the profile >>

Pam Udell

Healing Power Yoga, 2Hot Yoga

n 1987, while obtaining her undergraduate degree at University of Arizona, Pam began her career in Exercise Physiology. Although Psychology was her Major, Exercise Physiology was her Minor and truly where her passion was. While managing a fitness team at a local gym, every movement made by students and teachers alike became an anatomy lesson for Pam. The love of exercise led Pam to teach inmates at a local jail as well as volunteer at a hospital in Cardiac Rehab. Upon graduation, Pam obtained a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Illinois in Chicago. In 1995, yoga was first introduced to Pam. It was not love at first asana, but more like love at first savasana!!! The lack of calm in Pam’s mind made her realize how much she really needed yoga in her life.... Read the profile >>