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Andrew Gurvey

Andrew has been a yoga junkie since the day he first stepped foot on the mat. His love affair with arm balances began the first time he put his hands on the floor and became acquainted with Crow Pose. He has been splitting his time between standing on his feet and standing on his hands ever since. His path to teaching was an inevitable journey as his love affair with the practice continued.

Andrew finds the greatest joy in watching his students discover their own amazing radiance through the offerings of the yoga practice. Andrew considers himself to be a very lucky tour guide on the yoga journey, and considers it an honor to have the privilege to teach.
My teacher training, and the shared knowledge of some amazing teachers for whom I am eternally grateful, helped facilitate my understanding that I am here to serve my students. My job, as a teacher of this amazing discipline, is to help all students of yoga realize their potential, along with their capacity for greatness; it is to help students not only learn to accept, but to be content with where they are today, with the understanding that there will ALWAYS be more tomorrow. This practice can show you that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.