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Deb Wineman


With an intention to help others, I spent many years working as an attorney, teacher, community activist and fundraiser before I became a yoga instructor. My own yoga practice, inspiring teachers and dear friends revealed to me my calling to teach peace through yoga.

My goal is to create a safe place where students can practice yoga together and let go of all judgment and distractions and open up to clarity, pure love and potential. In a soulful vinyasa flow style, I emphasize the fundamentals of alignment while leading a strong, steady-paced “moving meditation” accessible to all levels.

I am a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and have trained with accomplished teachers in a variety of different styles. I am a dedicated student and practitioner of vinyasa flow, yin yoga and meditation. Under the guidance of my first teacher, Sharyn Galindo, I continue to deepen my practice and grow as a teacher and person.

Off the mat, you will find me reading about the rich history and philosophy behind yoga, listening to music seeking uplifting songs, and living my yoga with my three kids and husband who provide me additional grounding and joy.