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Pam Udell

Healing Power Yoga, 2Hot Yoga

n 1987, while obtaining her undergraduate degree at University of Arizona, Pam began her career in Exercise Physiology. Although Psychology was her Major, Exercise Physiology was her Minor and truly where her passion was. While managing a fitness team at a local gym, every movement made by students and teachers alike became an anatomy lesson for Pam. The love of exercise led Pam to teach inmates at a local jail as well as volunteer at a hospital in Cardiac Rehab.

Upon graduation, Pam obtained a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Illinois in Chicago. In 1995, yoga was first introduced to Pam. It was not love at first asana, but more like love at first savasana!!! The lack of calm in Pam’s mind made her realize how much she really needed yoga in her life.

After dealing with two bouts of Thyroid cancer, the second time with young kids, she realized how important it was to be calm in mind and body. Finding the balance of strength and softness is what Pam loves about the practice of Yoga. Her love of the practice led her to open Healing Power Yoga in 1999. She sold the studio in 2006 to focus more on her family and is now enjoying the freedom of teaching yoga.

Pam enjoys the never ending learning process of the body and its movements and continues to study the anatomy and physiology of the body as it relates to Yoga. You can expecta strong, well rounded physical practice in Pam’s classes as well as a focus on breath and alignment. Pam loves how the music in her class can take you on a deeper and more spiritual journey as well as motivate you through a strong vinyasa flow. Pam has studied with many teachers over the years and looks forward to many more years of growing as an instructor and student.