Oakbrook Ctr

Dave Schaefers

Fast Track Racing Team

From the time I was young, my incredible competitive nature derived from being the 5th of 7 kids. From one season to the next, after school everyday, the neighborhood parks were our "stadiums" for baseball, football and basketball. I believed winning scores and the reputation as the best player of each and every game meant success. As incorrect as that belief is, it was those games that drove my competitive side to be the best I could be with my ability. Past childhood, I continued to search for my athletic passion through team competition in football, wrestling and baseball teams, I never did find any peace of mind within any of those sports. That adversity and lack of accomplishment got the best of me and my physical well-being spiraled downward. With the inability to look in the... Read the profile >>

Megan Rohde

Meghan was first introduced to Yoga during her college career at University of Wisconsin, Madison. With an intense schedule as Dance Major, Yoga was consistently used by her Professors as a tool to open the body in class and focus inward before performances. After graduating college in 2009, she took her first HOT yoga class and she felt an instant connection to the practice of Yoga. Yoga brought out a physical and spiritual side in her that allowed her to grow and find inspiration in her personal life as well as in her dance choreography and teaching. After moving to the Chicagoland area in March 2011, she decided it was time to further her love for Yoga and chose to pursue her Yoga Certification at Prairie Yoga in Lisle, Illinois where she studied under the respected Tricia Fiske and an... Read the profile >>

Otto Clark

Patriot Boxing

Otto is a well rounded martial artist with over 20 year’s experience. He began his training in Kyokushin Karate at 15 and obtained a black belt 5 years later. Looking to broaden his martial arts knowledge he began Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under the tutelage of Carlson Gracie where he received his Black Belt in 2011. Always looking to broaden his experience, Otto also began boxing, whereby he succeeded in winning the Chicago Golden Gloves. A dedicated and hard-working professional, Otto brings with him an invigorating passion for the martial arts . He continues to learn, teach and compete. Read the profile >>

Pavla Haluskova

Fixe Self Center/ Dailey Method Elmhurst/ Elmhurst Yoga Shala

“I really believe that things happen for a reason, and truly believe that one of the reasons that I came to this country was to find myself through this beautiful path called yoga.” ~ Pavla. At age 27 after noticing that her tendencies of stress, irritation, and perfectionism were affecting her relationships and her ability to have fun and enjoy life, Pavla began a practice of inner-listening and started to experiment with yoga. Not knowing how much these practices would change her life, Pavla’s studies awakened her passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Listening to this call of her heart, Pavla eventually decided to seek Hatha yoga certification, and in 2008 her Hatha yoga teaching certification was granted by Soderworld Healing Arts Center and Spa. As her studies... Read the profile >>

Shannon Javaraz

Fast Track Racing Team/Saucony Hurricane

I’m not your typical athlete that was active since they were young. I did not race on a High School cross country team nor did I compete at the collegiate level. To be honest I didn’t even run leisurely on the weekends. That all changed when I had my daughter and took up running to live a healthier lifestyle. I never expected this sport to shape my life the way it has. I discovered a strong, confident side of myself I did not know existed. I was a 30-year wife, mother, and had my own real estate business...one would think I was successful and happy. Well, what I learned through running is that being financially successful doesn’t equal happiness. Like most young girls, I struggled with insecurities and wanted so badly not to pass this on to my daughter. Running has given... Read the profile >>