Oakbrook Ctr

Christy White

After Christy was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) she was encouraged to try hot yoga. She was very hesitant at first, but after her first class, she knew she was hooked. She became addicted to Hot Yoga and eventually made her way into a few vinyasa classes and hasn’t looked back since. Yoga has significantly helped control her RA symptoms and even led to drastic improvements in her bone density scans. She is now the General Manager for the 8 Chicago suburb CorePower Yoga studios and absolutely loves her job. Christy finished the CorePower Yoga Power training followed by the HPF and sculpt trainings in 2010 and has taken teaching head on. Christy strives to bring her personal experiences, struggles, and challenges into her class to help create a connection with her students.... Read the profile >>

Mark Przybyla

I am Mark Przybyla, a 56 year old runner from Rolling Meadows, who is happily married to Beverly and the father of an 18 year old college bound (Univ. of Missouri) daughter, Sarah. I am an Age Group competitive runner in the Chicagoland area, competing as an individual and as part of a team in the CARA Race Circuit. The team I train with, race with, and act as a Group Leader is Fast Track Racing Team; sponsored by both Dick Pond Athletics and Saucony. I "teach" at group runs from the Dick Pond store in Schaumburg, as well as at Harper Jr. College in Palatine, during our legendary track workouts. You'll also find my running/coaching/advising on the weekends during long runs from Busse Woods in Elk Grove, or from Barrington High School, as well as Fullersburg Woods in Oak Brook on... Read the profile >>

Shannon Javaraz

Fast Track Racing Team/Saucony Hurricane

I’m not your typical athlete that was active since they were young. I did not race on a High School cross country team nor did I compete at the collegiate level. To be honest I didn’t even run leisurely on the weekends. That all changed when I had my daughter and took up running to live a healthier lifestyle. I never expected this sport to shape my life the way it has. I discovered a strong, confident side of myself I did not know existed. I was a 30-year wife, mother, and had my own real estate business...one would think I was successful and happy. Well, what I learned through running is that being financially successful doesn’t equal happiness. Like most young girls, I struggled with insecurities and wanted so badly not to pass this on to my daughter. Running has given... Read the profile >>