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Shannon Javaraz

Fast Track Racing Team/Saucony Hurricane

I’m not your typical athlete that was active since they were young. I did not race on a High School cross country team nor did I compete at the collegiate level. To be honest I didn’t even run leisurely on the weekends. That all changed when I had my daughter and took up running to live a healthier lifestyle. I never expected this sport to shape my life the way it has. I discovered a strong, confident side of myself I did not know existed. I was a 30-year wife, mother, and had my own real estate business...one would think I was successful and happy. Well, what I learned through running is that being financially successful doesn’t equal happiness. Like most young girls, I struggled with insecurities and wanted so badly not to pass this on to my daughter. Running has given me the confidence I longed for my whole life. It was through running that I met the most amazing people and discovered that I was good at something. I started to focus on training and made some great improvements, winning or placing in many races. I qualified for Boston my first year running marathons, worked as a local reporter on a running TV show, and now I’m sponsored by an elite racing team. These are all great things, but sharing my enthusiasm for the sport is so much greater! I’m inspired when I see a mom who has never run before, sign up for her first 5k or my daughter’s middle school cross country team ask for advice for their upcoming meet. My love for running far surpasses any race I ever ran or any medal I earned. Anything I have given to running has given back double in return. I come alive when I run or even talk about running and I want to share this with everyone! I found my passion, find yours and run with it…