Oakville : Lakeshore

Adam Boissiere


For as long as I can remember, sport, athletics and fitness have been an integral part of my life. From competing in track and field and soccer at an early age in Trinidad, and then moving onto baseball when I moved to Canada. In high school I joined the football and rugby teams,I remember and to this day still love the feeling that comes with competing. The validation of the practice, and hours alone spent training. The camaraderie amongst you and your teammates after a tough win, and tough losses.

People often say that sports are a great tool for teaching life lessons. In my case they were a tool that i used to develop confidence, self awareness, and build life long friendships. It also taught me discipline, commitment, and accountability. My first year at York University, I decided I would try out for the rugby team. I ended up starting for the team until injuries derailed my season. This would be an ongoing theme to my athletic career when i began playing club rugby for the Oakville Crusaders. I learned a lot playing in those days and was fortunate to have great coaches and lucky enough to train with and play against former and current National Team members for Canada Men’s Rugby.

With the knowledge I had gained I decided to use it and go back to my high school where my rugby career began and help to coach the senior boys team. Being around the team made me realize how much i enjoyed teaching and coaching, but it also made me realize that I missed competing.

I had always been a dedicated gym rat from early on in high school until now, but had begun to feel unmotivated and disinterested with my workouts. It became harder and harder to take myself to the gym. And then one day just over two years ago in the summer of 2010 I found Crossfit. All the things I’ve mentioned above Crossfit brought into my life again. I had that fire back, the drive to train, to compete, and to make myself better. The most eye opening thing to me was that at 26 and thinking I was in great shape, I was getting faster and stronger than I had ever been. The most rewarding part about this community is that I see that realization in everyone, whether its the 20 year old hockey player training with us, or the 50 something to 60 something moms and dads and grandparents in our box realizing the same thing.

Crossfit is my sport now, its my passion, it brought back the feeling I got from competing, be it against myself, others, or the clock on the wall. Most of all it is the people who are a part of this community that keep me coming back again and again and will continue to do so. If you’re willing to find the time and do the work I guarantee that you will find success in Crossfit, and along the way become part of a community that will support and push you to a healthier and happier life.