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Debbie Smith

Power Yoga Canada

My yoga journey began in 2007; 3 months after my twin girls were born. I went to my first yoga class at Moksha Oakville (which soon after became Kula). My goal was to sweat out my last 5 pounds of baby weight. Over time, as expected, I succeeded. What I did not expect was to sweat out 10 pounds of fear, 10 pounds of judgement, and 10 pounds of anger, jealousy, envy, ego. The list goes on and on. Each and every time I hit my mat I felt lighter and lighter.

How did I build up so much negativity, especially for me, being known as a silver lining behind every dark cloud kind of girl? Well the 4 years prior to the birth of my baby girls proved to be my biggest test in my life so far; my infertility. Trying to have a baby absorbed my life. I thought, spoke and breathed getting pregnant. As I went through every test, every injection and every procedure with no happy ending, I became scared, judgemental, angry, jealous and envious of every pregnant lady that crossed my path. On the outside you wouldn’t have even known that I was suffering. I became an actor and I had a variety of masks to wear and hide behind. It’s funny how I look back at how I could not see at the time as to why the universe would not allow a baby to grow within this turmoil. After our first failed attempt at in-vitro fertilization, I decided I needed to stop trying to ‘fix-it’ and lay all my cards into the hands of faith; that this will happen for us one day and I felt immediately freed. Shortly after we began our second attempt at IVF and 9 months later I delivered 2 healthy girls.

Before I ever stepped foot on to a yoga mat I always felt like I had something to share with others, it wasn’t until my own personal practice and my teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste and Kinndli McCollum, that it became clear; that it’s actually my life that I want to share. Every moment of my life is an opportunity for me to teach from and maybe just one lesson in my life will resonate with you on to your mat.

This yoga journey that I am on has given me such awareness. I have never held myself so accountable and looked at my spirit so closely. I love how every moment seems to be a lesson I can learn from. No matter how positive or negative that moment might be, I am now seeing the light.

I have so much gratitude towards my mentors and teachers, Baron Baptiste, Kinndli McCollum and Pauline Caballero for reminding me of what I have known all this time: that my life is a practice and I will practice for life.

I am so excited to share what I have learned on my journey with all of YOU in my new studio! I co-own and operate a Power Yoga Canada in Oshawa!! Check out www.poweryogacanada.com to find out how you can join our amazing yoga community.