Rideau Centre

Joseph Rios


My journey began 3 years ago when I started running. Overweight, inactive and with a bad case of asthma, it did not seem like running was for me. However, my world changed when I found a passion for running for Team Diabetes and signed up for a ½ marathon. I enjoyed it so much that I challenged myself to sign up for 3 marathons in a 1 year period. Fast forward to today and I’m now on a mission to run on all 7 continents, having already raised over $14K for Diabetes and completed 4 continents. Apart from my 7 continent challenge I am registered to complete my first Ultramarathon (100K) at the Sears Great Canadian Race. I am part of the GoodGuysTri team of 23 solo runners running the full 100k to raise awareness and funds against kid’s cancer. To date we have raised over... Read the profile >>

Nigel Walker

Yoga with Nigel

Nigel Walker, registered yoga teacher (RYT®), is an enthusiastic and passionate yoga and wellness expert with a big heart. His journey in the health and fitness industry began nearly ten years ago when he dislocated his knee getting up from a chair. Recovery was slow and painful and his physiotherapist quite bluntly told him if he didn’t start taking care of his body it would fall apart. From that life-changing moment on, Nigel took it upon himself to change his body from the inside out through yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition and various types of fitness training. Before long, he found himself inspiring others to stop and listen to their bodies and begin to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle. If he could do it, anyone can! Today, Nigel leads yoga classes,... Read the profile >>

Paula Munroe


On a physical level, yoga has healed crippling back pain and has allowed me to move pain-free in my day-to-day activities. On a mental level, yoga has taught me to make peace with my inner chaos and to quiet my inner judge. And on a profound level, yoga has taught me that it is not our circumstances that cause us discomfort, anxiety, or stress, but it is always our reaction to our circumstances. We can't control everything that happens, but we can make a decision, in each moment, how we want to react and who we want to be in the face of a difficult moment. Read the profile >>

Todd Lavictoire

A renaissance man, Todd has degrees in Philosophy & English Literature, Sociology and Education. He is also passionate about anatomy and teaching others strategies in self-care, pain reduction and maintaining full mobility into old age. He co-leads five 200hr Yoga Teacher Trainings a year throughout the province of Ontario. He is also one of 2 Canadian teachers certified to lead YTU level 1 certification programs. Todd is an inspiring teacher who encourages his students to be embodied and playful as they pursue their yoga practice on and off of the mat. Read the profile >>